Monday, August 10, 2009

Sleeping like a toddler

So the time came to move Bear to his big boy bed this weekend. His new room has been set up since December but I just knew he wasn't ready yet. Last week was a tough week. He kept crawling out of his crib and refusing to listen. Before he might crawl out once and then he would stay in after we put him in the second time. But this past week he decided he was so done with the crib.

Saturday we got up and made a trip to Toys R Us to pick up a baby gate for his big boy room. We also picked up a mattress protector and some corner cushions for the sharp furniture edges in his room. We went home and put him down for his nap. While he was napping we assembled the bed rail I bought a few months ago and baby proofed his room with plug covers, a baby gate, door knob cover for the closet door and corner cushions on the furniture.

When bed time rolled around we followed our normal routine with a bath and a couple of stories but this time we cuddled in his new twin bed to read. He did fine until we walked out of the room and then he was screaming and banging on the door. We went back in a few times and put him down but he kept getting up and turning on his light. Finally we just left him up and figured he would lay down when he was tired. We have a video monitor set up so we could keep an eye on him and eventually he did tire out and fell asleep. He made it until 7:45 Sunday morning before he was banging on the door calling out for me.

He even sort of napped in his room yesterday. He passed out on the floor but at least he slept some. Last night we went through it all again and he fell asleep about an hour after we put him down. He was playing quietly with books and his cars so I was happy. The only catch is that he keeps his overhead light on. Even though he has a fairly bright night light. But I guess if he can fall asleep with all that light I'm not going to fight it.

Now I am trying to transition Tater tot to the crib. Wish me luck.