Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Big Reveal

It's a BOY! Yes, another one. At least that's what the sonogram lady said. I will take her word for it because I really couldn't tell much from that angle. He did not want to open his legs so it made it harder to tell but she seemed confident that there was definitely something there that did not belong on a girl.

I am so glad to have the sonogram over. They gave me instructions yesterday not to pee for 2 hours before the sonogram and then to drink 40 oz of water to insure I had a full bladder. I'm not sure who they are performing sonograms on but my bladder does not require 40 oz of water to become full. I drank about 30 oz most of which were in the last hour before the appointment so I wouldn't suffer too badly. I dreaded the coming in with a full bladder part but she was very quick taking her measurements and they even had a bathroom directly outside the sonogram room specifically for sonogram patients.

Then I got to lay back and enjoy the rest of the sonogram. As far as I could see everything looked fine but I will see my doctor Monday to go over the results. It measured me at 18 weeks 5 days which equates to an April 18th due date.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

T minus 1 day and counting

So we are 1 day from the big reveal. I am so ready to see this baby and make sure that it is ok. Finding out the sex is the icing on the cake. So we all need to pray that this baby won't be feeling modest tommorrow afternoon. I have been keeping busy to help the time pass while I wait.

My best friend from college had her baby shower this weekend. She just happens to live one town over from my dad and in the same town as my dad's parents so I got to throw in a visit to them as well. Plus my dad watched Bear for us almost all day Saturday so I could go to the shower and my husband could hang out with the guys. Then we all got to go out to dinner. I am so spoiled having two weekend in a row where I got to go out to dinner with my husband alone.

The baby shower was great and she totally cleaned up. There were at least 35 people there and it took her an hour to open the gifts. All that adorable pink girly stuff sure did get me thinking about what it would be like to have a girl next time. I guess I don't have to wonder long.

I am also so ready for Thanksgiving next week. I am ready to eat meals prepared mostly by other people and spend more time with my family. The only drawback is that Bear discovered this weekend at my dad's house that he no longer has to be contained by the pack and play. He already expressed his displeasure at sleeping in it during our last few trips out of town but this weekend he upped the ante by crawling out of it multiple times during the night. I fear what 4 days out of town over Thanksgiving will be like. It wouldn't be bad if he would just sleep in bed with us but apparently that would just not be as much fun as jumping on our heads at 4 a.m. Plus he refuses to nap when we travel.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Germs, Germs go away

I meant to write this week but there was a pox upon my house. My husband came home sick Monday from work with a 103 fever, chills, runny nose, and general cold like symptoms. So I spent Monday evening tending to him. Then Tuesday night I had another one of my attacks. I still suspect it is gallstones but since the doctors weren't able to find anything during the ultrasound a few months ago we are still in the dark on what it is for sure. I was pretty puny Wednesday from being sick and in pain all Tuesday night. Thursday I felt a lot better so I cleaned and cooked dinner and went about my business as usual. Then I got a stomach bug on Thursday night/Friday early morning. I assume it was a stomach bug since my husband ate the same thing as me Thursday night and was fine. So I was sick as a dog aaalllll day Friday. My husband was sick the whole week with his cold like symptoms so he finally broke down and went to the doctor Friday. He has an upper respiratory infection so he got loaded up with antibiotics and ear drops. Bear is fine except for a never ending runny nose and teething so thats good.

It was such a horrible and draining week we spent most of Saturday laying around trying to rest. My inlaws came in Saturday evening to stay the night and watch Bear so that we could go out. I thought about cancelling but since going out alone with my husband is such a rare event I decided I could suck it up. We had a wonderful time. We got to go see the Changeling with Angelina Jolie. Not probably the best movie to see as a parent, especially a pregnant parent, but it was a really good movie. Then we had dinner at Olive Garden followed by Starbucks (decaf for me). They had peppermint mochas so that was a special treat. We got home late and the baby and the grandparents were already in bed so we got to crash. The grandparents even got up with Bear this morning so we could sleep in a little. Plus my husband's stepmom brought us gumbo, rice, and crackers she made so I wouldn't have to cook today.

Also on the plus side this week, I am almost positive I am feeling the first kicks this week. I love that feeling. It is my favorite part of pregnancy. Only 1 1/2 more weeks till I have my sonogram. Squee!!