Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I have eaten even more candy than I thought possible today. But what's the fun in being pregnant during all the holidays if you can't enjoy it? I did what I do every single year. I buy a ton of candy the week before then freak out 2 hours before dark on Halloween and send my husband out for more thinking we couldn't possibly have enough. We had a lot of trick or treaters this year but not as many as last.

Bear did so awesome. We took him outside at 6:00 to take pictures while it was still light out then did a little trick or treating just on our block. He knocked on the doors and clapped when people gave him candy. When we got him home we stripped him out of his costume and put him in his pj's but let him stay up for awhile to hand out candy. He LOVED it! I ran to the door each and every time it rang and waved at all the kids. Then he watched out the side windows for more trick or treaters. He had such a blast. I really didn't expect him to get so into Halloween at this early of an age. I thought he would be more shy. He positively squealed when we opened the door and all the kids were standing there in costumes. That was the most fun Halloween I think I have ever had. That is one of the best things about being a parent, getting to enjoy life vicariously through your child.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Naps for the masses

Time for another bi-monthly update. I am really sucking at this blogging thing lately. I am still tired ALL.THE.TIME. I am now firmly esconced in my second trimester at 15 weeks 1 day today. I went to the doctor for a checkup and all was well. No weight gain, yet. I did get to hear the heartbeat. Only 3 more weeks till I find out what we are having. I should be able to pencil y'all in for another post around then. I kid.

I have been skirting around the edges of the blogsphere the past few weeks trying to ride out the election. I am so tired of the anger and rhetoric. Pretty much everyone has said everything that could possibly be said so can we move along yet? Isn't there an election in 2010 we can talk about? It has been getting ugly here even in my little conservative town. I have election fatigue for sure and I haven't even voted yet.

I sadly had my last meeting with my college bible study group I was leading tonight. They will be ending the semester soon and then won't be back until the middle of January. With the baby due in mid-April at the latest I felt like I should go ahead and end the group now rather than leave them hanging without a leader in the middle of the spring semester. It was very sad.

I completely skipped over my 1 year blog-o-versary 2 weeks ago. I meant to write about it but then the pregnancy naps won out over usage of my free time. Naps are a highly under utilized resource. I definitely think the world would be a better place if we all had naptime every day. Perhaps if I ever run for President I will run on a platform endorsing a nationwide mandatory naptime. I could probably bring about world peace.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Life is going on but I need a nap

Just dropping by to say I am still alive. I promise I have been thinking about blogging but I just seem to fall short on the actual logging in and blogging thing. I was going to post pictures from last weekend at the pumpkin patch but I haven't managed to upload the pictures yet. I am still tired. Still pregnant. And sick. I have had a cough for 3 days and it is getting worse. Bear and I will be visiting family in Houston this weekend and I really don't want to be sick. Ugh.

Bear has been sleeping less and less which is not helping the tiredness. He refused to nap yesterday and woke up way too early this morning. He is also starting into the picky eating stage I have been dreading. What was good yesterday is no longer good today. 2 bites of the banana he begged for and he is done. A few raisins and the rest go on the floor. Applesauce is now the food of the devil and must be refused or spit out.

All in all we are fine its just the little day to day things that are driving me crazy. Maybe I just need a nap. Is 8:00 a.m. too early?

Monday, October 6, 2008

The cloud to go with my silver lining

So yesterday was my birthday. The big 28. It really does go by entirely too fast after turning 21. If it wasn't for the presents I would just skip birthdays all together. On Saturday my mom sent me a beautiful pink wool peacoat I was eyeing at LL Bean. Because the only thing better than one LL Bean peacoat for the non-existant Texas cold is a second LL Bean peacoat only in pink.

My husband surprised me yesterday morning with a bright, shiny new Wii. I am so excited. I already beat him at bowling multiple times. We went out to dinner last night with friends sans kiddos. It was wonderful. We spent 2 1/2 hours eating and catching up.

Today I decided to take Bear to the doctor to get his cough listened to. I figured it was allergies as he has no other symptoms but an occasional runny nose. The doctor confirmed my suspicion and told us to give him Benadryl. Since I was there anyways we stopped by the flu clinic in the lobby to get our shots. Of course I couldn't get the flu mist because I am pregnant so I have spent the day feeling like my arm is going to fall off after the lovely shot.

I asked my husband to pick up milk, Benadryl for Bear and Tylenol for my arm on his way home. He made it home with 2 out of 3. Guess what he forgot? So he goes back out for Tylenol which makes Bear hysterical since his beloved Dada left so quickly after coming home.

Then my friend called and left a message asking me to watch her son tomorrow while she goes to a church lunch meeting. I already have tentative plans for a late lunch tomorrow with another friend. Plus a list of errands I was going to get done in my precious 6 hours of baby free time. She knows this is my only day a week to get things done without Bear. Her son is in MDO Mondays and Wednesdays. I am just irritated that she gave me basically no notice and she is asking on my one free day. I called and left her a message telling her that I can do it if she can pick him up before my late lunch but I haven't heard back from her so I am hoping she found someone else. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the last time I watched him for her but I am trying to be a good friend and let that go.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The pregnancy so far, a recap

* Morning Sickness - I was blessed last time to have virtually no morning sickness. This baby is apparently offended by anything not made of sugar, chocolate, and cool whip. Oddly enough I am not a fan of cool whip but apparently the baby is. I have spent lots of quality time with the toilet as my punishment for eating anything other than the baby approved foods.

* Tiredness - I know I am a glutton for punishment having 2 kids so closely together but there is something to be said for having one that still naps during the day. Which means Momma can nap too. Yes, I am aware I am totally screwed come April.

* Peeing - Dear Lord, I did not miss this part of being pregnant. Sleeping would be better if I could just get a catheter over here please.

* Cravings - I am only slightly exaggerating about the sugar, chocolate, cool whip thing. I had a bad sweet tooth with Bear but this goes beyond that because I actually get sick trying to eat other healthier options. Although Jack in the Box tacos are approved and far too many have been consumed. It has been getting slightly better. Weeks 7-8 were the worst.

* Clothes - Still pretty much fitting in pre-pregnancy clothes which I find surprising because I expected to pop earlier with my second one. I did pick up a few cute baby doll tops at Motherhood Maternity that really don't look like maternity tops and cover the bloat nicely.

* Bloody nose - This is new this time around. I have been waking up more nights than not with a bloody nose. I also get them periodically throughout the day. Doctor says this is normal. Does not make it any less gross.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And the announcement you've all been waiting for..

OK, so maybe you haven't been waiting for an announcement but I have been waiting to make it. This has been part of the reason for my lack of writing lately.

Yes, I am pregnant. Again.

We are so excited. If all goes well we are looking to have a new member of our little family around April 22, 2008. Unless this one decides to take after his or her brother and pop out early. Lets cross our fingers and legs that we won't need to go through that again.

I have known since 2 days before I missed my period because I am impatient like that but I am also superstitious so I decided to hold off telling anyone until after my appointment today. I am 11 weeks and 1 day today. The doctor scared me to death today trying to find the heartbeat but he finally did and all is well.

You have no idea how hard it was not to come to my blog and complain about the morning, noon, and night sickness. The kind where you throw up writing the grocery list because the thought of food is more than your stomach can handle. And the exhaustion. And the peeing. But it is all worth it. And now I can come and share it all with you.