Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The quarter life clothing crisis

I am a 28, almost 29, year old mother of 2. I still look closer to the 20 end of the age scale than the 30. However my figure is not what it once was after 2 pregnancies and 2 c-sections. I am only 2 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight but those are the biggest two pounds I have ever carried. My jeans that were snug before pregnancy are now screaming for mercy. So my husband told me this weekend to go out and buy myself a few new things to spruce up the wardrobe. Tuesday morning I dropped off Bear at Mother's Day Out and Tater tot and I set out for some shopping.

I hit the mall first and wandered through a couple of department stores but I couldn't decide whether to shop in the juniors or the missus or maybe petites. I walk through the juniors and I just can't get past this bag lady chic look they have going. Every outfit is 3 see through cheap shirts layered over a cami with a scarf around the neck and skinny jeans topped off with 15 necklaces. I look at the missus section and I am just so not ready to go there yet. I don't want to dress like my mom, or worse yet, my grandma. A forever 21 had opened up while I was pregnant so I wandered in there with my stroller and I am fairly certain I should be babysitting the other girls shopping there not buying the same clothes as them. Don't even get me started on the wet seal or abercrombie.

I even tried Gap, Express, New York and Co and a few other stores but nothing. It didn't help that Tater was not in the mood for shopping and kept protesting the stroller so I was carrying him while pushing my purse in the stroller. I nursed him in the car in the mall parking lot and got him settled enough to head to Old Navy. Can you believe that I did not find one thing that looked cute on me? The only good thing that came out of my trip to the changing room was a private breastfeeding session versus feeding Tater in the car.

It's not just the fashions it is just so many things. Not knowing how I should dress now that I am not a college kid anymore but not wanting to fall into the SAHM shlumpyness. The fact that my body is now fatter in the middle and wider in the hips. I can't wear the cute strapless shirts or anything that doesn't cover a nursing bra.

So I gave up. I went home and looked at my closet full of clothes and decided that perhaps instead of trying to find clothes to mask the body that I have perhaps I should work on getting that body back into the clothes that I have. Then I went online and bought a Wii Fit with the money my husband gave me.

Friday, July 17, 2009


* Why is it that Mama can coach you over and over to say 1-2-3, A-B-C, etc and you will stubbornly refuse to say it in front of anyone when Mama asks you to? However you will have no problem saying "Oh, s%#*" in front of your grandparents, Sunday school teachers, and Mother's Day out staff after hearing your daddy say it once?

* Why is it that you sleep blissfully through the night (for the most part) over the past 2 years but the night your 3 month old brother decides to sleep pretty soundly you decide that is the night to wake up every 1/2 hour and fuss and scream for no reason? I know there was no reason because I checked, multiple times.

* Why is it that when Mama tells you no more juice because you keep spitting it on the carpet you decide that it is OK to get the dog's water bottle from his crate and try to drink out of that instead. Yuck!

* Why is it that you never want to play with or kiss the baby until he is sleeping soundly in his crib or the swing? Same goes for crawling all over Mama only when she is feeding the baby.

* Why do you ask to watch Elmo and then as soon as Mama gets it on you throw a screaming fit asking to watch robots (Transformers)?

* Why do you think that it is ok to throw any food on the floor that you deem "yucky"?

* Why do you scream and cry about being forced to take a bath and the scream and cry when it's time to get out?

* Why do you wait till Mama is at her wits end to decide to be cute and give Mama kisses?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Thoughts

After my last doom and gloom post I thought I would follow it up with a post of things that make me happy right now. So here are a few things making my life wonderful.

* Plastic kiddie pools. Seriously great way to beat the heat and so much fun for your toddler.

* Tater Tot turned 12 weeks old Saturday. If I was still working I would have had to return to work today as my 12 weeks of FMLA would have been up. Yay for staying home!

* I discovered the yummiest cookie recipe ever and have made it 3 times in the past 2 weeks. Half batches, anyways. I'm not a complete pig.

* Bear is starting to get a little easier. I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel with these terrible twos. We still get tantrums and difficulties daily but it is still easier than it was this time last year. Although I haven't started potty training yet so that light might just be a train.

* Did I mention Tater is 12 weeks old? That means I have been exclusively breastfeeding for 12 weeks. I rock. It was so hard those first few weeks that I really never thought I would make it this far. I'll even admit I somewhat enjoy it except when he wants to eat someplace really public. Then I am still a little shy. Mama needs a few drinks before whipping out her breast in public which is obviously a no-no with the whole breastfeeding thing. Thank God for hooter hiders. I have the Blue Maxfield design an I lurve it.

* My best friend found out recently that she is unexpectedly pregnant and I am so excited. She will be having her baby in mid-January.

* I am getting my hair cut and highlighted tomorrow. The last time I got this done was 2 months before Tater Tot was born. I am way overdue.

* Homemade bread. I have been trying out some new recipes and it has made making my own bread fun again. I am really loving this recipe by Money Saving Mom. I also love, love her pizza crust recipe although I add Italian seasoning and garlic powder for a little umph.

* Coconut lime verbena foaming handsoap from Bath and Body works. Hands down my favorite soap for washing my hands in the kitchen. It smells so amazing I want to lick myself in a non-creepy, non-pornographic way. I picked up 3 new bottles on sale at Bath and Bodyworks this weekend.

* I got the boys pictures taken 2 weeks ago and they are super cute. I can't wait to hand them out at Tater's christening in two weeks. The only downside was that Bear refused to do a cute picture with Tater. Every time we put them together on the bean bag chair, Bear would start pushing Tater away which would make him cry. We ended up with one semi-decent picture of the two of them and a bunch of cute pictures of them separately.

* I am making Penne a la Betsy for dinner tonight. 'Nuff said.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I have been hiding out lately. Burying my head in the sand, sticking my fingers in my ears and saying la-la-la. I don't know if it's just postpartum hormones or the godforsaken heat but I am just grouchy. So I bury my head in hopes of my head not exploding.

The boys are good. Well as good as a 2 1/2 year old cooped up in the house from the heat and a 2 month old who sleeps in 2 hour increments can be. They are beautiful and healthy so I am thankful for that.

I am just more stressed about the state of the world in general. It is a 100 million degrees outside. If I hear the name Michael Jackson one more time my head might actually explode (I have pretty much taken to avoiding the news and gossip websites for a few weeks until the furor dies down). I can't even begin to discuss the things our president is doing because there are just not words. I'm fairly sure a sworn enemy of this country could not do more damage in such a short period of time without using any weapons. I will leave it at that since I know many of my readers voted for him and think what he is doing is good. So I am back to my stance of burying my head in the sand.

My momma always said if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.