Friday, April 30, 2010

March and April

So....2 months have passed....

What can I say? We have been busy.

First this happened...

Then this happened...

And I got a Kindle which has sucked away untold hours of my life. We are also deep in the midst of potty training with Bear. Which is about as much fun as it sounds. But we are making progress so I am happy about that.

It has just been a crazy, crazy last two months. Like the huge party we had on Tater's 1st birthday with 30ish adults and 12 kids in my house. And Tater got sick that night with a 103 temperature and I got to be the mom waiting outside urgent care when they opened at 8 am that Sunday morning which also happened to be his birthday. He had a nasty ear infection, poor baby. He was also cutting his top tooth at the same time which made for a miserable birthday. Luckily we had the party the day before.

Plus my beloved pug got diagnosed with heartworms at his annual checkup so we have been going through the long and costly process of curing that. Let me just tell you how fun it is to get a pug to swallow two pills a day for 3 weeks so he can get ready for shots that will put him on the dog equivalent of bed rest for 2 months. Just trust me, give your dog his heartworm medicine on time, every month...In my defense I believe he got infected last summer when I was dealing with a newborn and a two year old and I could barely remember my own name much less when the dog got his medicine. But now it is on my calendar on the 1st of every month.

I promise I will try to be more faithful with the updates. And I will even try to comment on your blogs as well since I promise I have been reading them. I am just bad about writing and commenting.