Friday, October 17, 2008

Life is going on but I need a nap

Just dropping by to say I am still alive. I promise I have been thinking about blogging but I just seem to fall short on the actual logging in and blogging thing. I was going to post pictures from last weekend at the pumpkin patch but I haven't managed to upload the pictures yet. I am still tired. Still pregnant. And sick. I have had a cough for 3 days and it is getting worse. Bear and I will be visiting family in Houston this weekend and I really don't want to be sick. Ugh.

Bear has been sleeping less and less which is not helping the tiredness. He refused to nap yesterday and woke up way too early this morning. He is also starting into the picky eating stage I have been dreading. What was good yesterday is no longer good today. 2 bites of the banana he begged for and he is done. A few raisins and the rest go on the floor. Applesauce is now the food of the devil and must be refused or spit out.

All in all we are fine its just the little day to day things that are driving me crazy. Maybe I just need a nap. Is 8:00 a.m. too early?


Stephanie said...

Hang in there and stick to your guns about what he should eat. That's one of the things I can safely say I've conquered with my children. Even if you're offering healthy alternatives, it's still teaching him he can get different things if he throws a fit or refuses it long enough. Make him eat what's in front of him (not all of it per say, but try not to let him win). You probably didn't want my advice though...sorry (especially being pregnant, I just finished that part up, too!). I was raised a picky eater and my family always gave in to me when I decided I didn't want something. Eventually those healthy alternatives turned into cookies and junk. EVERY DAY is a struggle for me to even get one serving of fruit/vegetables, so it's a soap box for me. And of course I have weight issues although it could be 100 lbs I need to get off instead of 25. Ok, I'll shut up now. :o/

Marmarbug said...

Nah your pregnant! It is NEVEr too early for a nap! Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Here from Julie's blog--good for you for standing up for what you believe in!

Haley said...

Jackson is being a somewhat picky eater right now as well.

We are trying to totally wean him off the 9-24 month formula (even though hes only 14 months) because it doesn't satisfy his appetite well anymore and he's got plenty of teeth and good chewing skills.

It's getting him to eat new and different solids that is the issue. If he could have saltines and pasta all day long, I bet he would.

Hope you get to feeling better soon! :-)

Erin said...

Sucks being pregnant and sick. :( Hope you're feeling better soon. Sean started refusing applesauce at around 15 months. I think he saw it as being a baby food and he was all about big boy food. I'm pretty lucky with him, he's a pretty good eater. He does have days where he whines for something forever, takes two bites of it and then won't eat anymore of it. I guess it's a toddlers perogative to change their mind. :)
I'm not an advocate of force feeding. Being raised in a family where we had to eat everything on our plate whether we liked it or not. I do believe it's good to "force" a child to try something and then if they still don't want it? Fine, but atleast they tried.
I think it's even still too early for that though. There's no reasoning with these guys. :)
Have fun in Houston!!

Kristine said...

Hopefully your cough resolves itself...but don't wait 12 days and end up with an ear infection and bronchitis and sinusitis like I did.

JR Photography said...

I think all of us would have to agree that the last thing you need to worry about is blogging! It's great to hear how you are doing but if I was you I would most certainly choose a nap and it's never to early when you are a pregnant mom!! Take care and feel better.

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