Wednesday, November 19, 2008

T minus 1 day and counting

So we are 1 day from the big reveal. I am so ready to see this baby and make sure that it is ok. Finding out the sex is the icing on the cake. So we all need to pray that this baby won't be feeling modest tommorrow afternoon. I have been keeping busy to help the time pass while I wait.

My best friend from college had her baby shower this weekend. She just happens to live one town over from my dad and in the same town as my dad's parents so I got to throw in a visit to them as well. Plus my dad watched Bear for us almost all day Saturday so I could go to the shower and my husband could hang out with the guys. Then we all got to go out to dinner. I am so spoiled having two weekend in a row where I got to go out to dinner with my husband alone.

The baby shower was great and she totally cleaned up. There were at least 35 people there and it took her an hour to open the gifts. All that adorable pink girly stuff sure did get me thinking about what it would be like to have a girl next time. I guess I don't have to wonder long.

I am also so ready for Thanksgiving next week. I am ready to eat meals prepared mostly by other people and spend more time with my family. The only drawback is that Bear discovered this weekend at my dad's house that he no longer has to be contained by the pack and play. He already expressed his displeasure at sleeping in it during our last few trips out of town but this weekend he upped the ante by crawling out of it multiple times during the night. I fear what 4 days out of town over Thanksgiving will be like. It wouldn't be bad if he would just sleep in bed with us but apparently that would just not be as much fun as jumping on our heads at 4 a.m. Plus he refuses to nap when we travel.


Kristine said...

What I hate about traveling the most is the sleep disruption! That and we always pick up a new bug and are sick for the next week.

stacey said...

i am excited for you to find out! i don't wait for the surprise-i plan, plan, plan!! we find out in january!

Haley said...

I can't wait to find out what you're having!!! Then I can buy gifts! Yay! :-)

Denora said...

I'm excited for you too! I know everyone wants happy healthy children, but if you got to pick the gender of the baby, which would you choose?

Stephanie said...

what is it about kids and napping when they're out? Why can't they just do it!?! My kids are the very same way and it drives me batty! I dread the 2 hour drive to my mom's next week!