Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blessed (and Spoiled)

There is nothing like a new baby to bring out the best in people. These past two weeks have been nothing short of amazing. (Can you believe it has been two weeks already?) I haven't had a moment alone in the past 2 weeks but in a good way. People have been falling all over themselves to make sure I haven't had to do anything but take care of and love on the new baby.

My mom, dad, and grandma have all been taking turns staying with us so that there is always someone here to take care of Bear, run errands and take care of housework. I feel so incredibly blessed. My friends have been bringing meals and baby gifts. My dad is out mowing the lawn as we speak while I take a break between feedings and my husband runs some errands.

I have just been trying to soak up all this time with my family as much as possible because I never get to spend so much time with them on my own. Tuesday will be the last day someone will be here and then I will be on my own. I'll admit I am a wee bit afraid of how it will all work but I know it will somehow.


jpandtheboys said...

You are so blessed! Wow what a lucky girl. I can imagine why you are nervous but even without ever meeting you I feel confident in saying that you are going to do great!! Hang in there.

Haley said...

The pictures are fabulous! I'm also glad to hear that you have been well taken care of these last few weeks.

I can't wait to see more photos of your sweet little men.

Kristine said...

Landon has those same wrecking ball pajamas! So Cute!

You'll do great.

Stephanie said...

So precious! And it's so wonderful to have so much help! don't freak out...the quicker you're alone, the quicker you figure it all out. It took me about 48 hours to know what to do with both of them and then I was a pro. You'll get it!

stacey said...

i am so glad you are being taken care of! you will do fine "on your own" and you may even enjoy your time.

misguided mommy said...

you are so very very lucky. also....yummy cute baby nom nom nom