Monday, May 4, 2009

Banished to the attic

This weekend I finally got to clear out all the maternity clothes that have been hogging my closet space. When I had Bear I just moved them all to the back of the closet knowing that I would probably be pregnant again in the next 2 years. But today they are happily esconced in a Rubbermaid container ready for a trip up to the attic. Even though I don't plan on having more children you never know plus I hate to just get rid of them. If I don't use them again at least I can donate them to a friend whenever someone needs them.

It is so nice to see all my summer clothes hanging up at the front of my closet, organized and ready to wear. I can only fit in one pair of pre-pregnancy jeans but I have hope that I will be able to squeeze in the rest soon. I am only 4 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight but my shape hasn't bounced quite back yet. Until then I have yoga pants and shorts I can wear. And luckily my feet are back to pre-pregnancy size too so I can wear my new sandals.

The only thing that worries me is my appetite. I am hungrier now than I have ever been in my life. All I want to do is eat. I hope the breastfeeding will help keep me from gaining back the weight. I thought pregnancy was supposed to make you want to eat for two but breastfeeding is a whole new level of hunger. It doesn't help that I have been perusing the Pioneer Woman's recipes again and I made Pasta alla Vodka last night. So yummy yet so fattening.


Stephanie said...

I remember being so hungry when I breastfed! It does keep the weight off, so don't worry about that! Plus you're now running around after 2 kids. But after breastfeeding, watch out! LOL. Enjoy it while you can!

Kristine said...

I was SO much hungrier while breastfeeding than I ever was while pregnant. I also didn't lose any weight breastfeeding - possibly because I was eating everything in sight. I did however drop it pretty quickly when the breastfeeding stopped.

stacey said...

i am anticipating my sausage feet again soon! i am looking forward to clearing out the maternity!

LL said...

I have all my maternity clothes hung in an upstairs closet awaiting the day I feel like I can handle being pregnant again. It will be nice to know when I'm done with that stage of my life.

And even though I love you, I have to kind of hate you for the 4 lbs. above your pre-pregnancy weight like 48 hours after giving birth. That's amazing, and I think it means you should indulge in TPW's cooking goodness. I just had her lasagna tonight!

newduck said...

I got rid of my maternity clothes about 5 days after I had my baby. My mom told me that you can never get rid of your maternity clothes because you're guaranteed to get pregnant as soon as you do. I decided it was smart to get rid of them 5 days after the baby was born because it was pretty much the only time when you're guaranteed not to get pregnant again. Mission accomplished.