Monday, June 15, 2009

The boots

I got some emails and comments regarding the boots in the picture from my previous post.

The boots are John Deere Johnny Popper boots from Cavender's Boot City. Yes, I live in Texas. No, I did not buy the boots. My husband's aunt did. Don't worry, Bear got a John Deere t-shirt from her so he didn't feel left out. If you feel your child's life would not be complete without his or her own pair, you can pick them up here. They sell them all the way up to kid sizes if you are so inclined to pay that much for them.

*Chubby baby thighs not included.


Kristine said...

Awesome boots. So precious.

Trannyhead said...

Those? ARE HAWT. Seriously hawt.

jpandtheboys said...

too stickin adorable!

Bon said...

oh man. those are adorable.

we are far from Texas but this is John Deere country too. Posey in those would probably get marriage proposals.;)