Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3/4 of a year

So on Monday Tater turned 9 months old. And last night he slept through the night. FOR THE FIRST TIME. I've been semi counting the few times that he slept from like 12-6 but really it doesn't count to me until they sleep from a reasonable hour until sometime after the sun is up. I'm sure it was just some fluke of nature but it sure was nice. Of course I still woke up periodically during the night to check on him and verify the baby monitor was working.

I took him in for his 9 month checkup yesterday morning. He was 17lb 10oz which is on the thinner side of the percentile chart but the doctor seems to think he is plenty healthy and will probably be a thin kid. He was 28 inches long which is right about average. During the course of the examination the doctor noticed that Tater has his first ear infection. I felt terrible because I had no clue. He had no fever, fussiness, loss of appetite or anything to indicate he didn't feel well. Poor baby. Then to add insult to injury they take blood at the 9 month checkup to check for anemia and such. So we got to go over to the lab and have 3 lab techs try to find a suitable vein. Tater was already past nap time, hungry, sick with an ear infection and now having his arm prodded at by three different people. They finally gave up on getting blood from his arm and instead got it from his heel. It was awful.

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Kristine said...

We have an ear infection too! Sorry about the blood sucker people, they didn't do so well with us either.

Hope he gets better soon.