Thursday, February 4, 2010


On Sunday Bear turned 3. Whoa. That was just so crazy for me. He went from a 5lb 0 oz 18 inch baby 3 years ago to a 34lb 4 oz 38.5 inch boy in just 3 short years. When did this happen? He was in the 75% for weight and 70ish % for height at his 3 year checkup. Not bad for a baby who came out 7 weeks early and spent 16 days in the NICU.

We had a lovely weekend at my parent's house celebrating his birthday and my brother making Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scout ceremony was Saturday and carried well into Saturday evening and then we got up Sunday and celebrated Bear's birthday with more cake and presents.

I know people say that 3 is worse than 2 but I have a feeling this is going to be a good year. For me 2 was extremely challenging and at 3 I feel like he is easier to deal with. Yes, he still has his stubborn moments and throws the occasional tantrum but it just doesn't seem as overwhelming as last year. Maybe I am just getting better at handling it. Honestly I think kids just go through their difficult phase at different times.


LL said...

Happy Birthday Bear! I think you're totally right that every kid has a difficult phase at a different time. I've decided Landon's was 0-9 months. Or at least I hope that was it, because otherwise 3 is going to be a bitch since age 2 has been delightful.

I hope you guys had a wonderful celebration and Bear is enjoying his presents!

stacey said...

Happy Birthday!! Let me know how the 3rd year goes! :)

Kristine said...

I like 3 better than 2 so far, so there's some hope for you.

juliannabelle said...

I'm about to embark upon the 2-year-old-year with my littlest one, and it's already been challenging for the past couple months... those 'terrible twos' started early with him. *sigh* But, really, they're not so terrible as he's a joy, just volatile!
Hope Bear had a lovely birthday, he's adorable.