Saturday, January 10, 2009

Escaping Babies

This morning I awoke a little later than usual. Typically I wake up to Bear moving around in his crib and talking to himself. I laid in bed for a few minutes and listened for him. Hearing nothing through the baby monitor I assumed he was also oversleeping. I got up and started to make my way across the living room to check on him. Something caught my eye as I was walking through. Bear was sitting in my recliner pulling keys off my laptop that was sitting on the table next to the chair.

So Bear has officially learned how to break out of his crib. He figured out the pack and play a few months ago when we were traveling but this morning was his first official escape from the crib. Unfortunately the crib is at its lowest setting so there really isn't much we can do to keep him in short of a crib tent which just seems weird to me.

What really freaked me out was how quiet he was. I never heard him get out of the crib or anything. Usually when I get him up he will head immediately for his toys which make noise. Instead he woke up, realized Momma was sleeping and quietly headed for the sweet siren song of the laptop.

I am just so glad that he didn't get into anything else. All the kitchen cabinets, outside doors, and the bathroom doors are baby proofed so there is nothing dangerously accessible but it was still unnerving. So tonight we headed over to Toys R Us and picked up a baby gate for his door. That way if he escapes from the bed we will at least keep him in his room.

We have his new room set up with a twin sized bed with a bed rail but I really don't feel he is ready for that yet. I guess we will have to give it a try now that the crib isn't keeping him in. I've been looking it up today and some people say they are ready to go to the big bed once they crawl out of the crib and others say they aren't necessarily. He still goes down great in his crib and napped there for 3 hours today no problem. We have never had luck getting him to sleep in a regular bed with us so if you guys have any suggestions or hints I am all ears. I want to keep him safe but I also want him to sleep.

*BTW, my keyboard is fine. I was able to get all the keys put back on that he pulled off.


Cee said...

wow- what a smart little guy!! I can't believe he was so good and quiet for you- and I'm glad you got the keys back on!

Anonymous said...

Can you talk to Bear and explain that he could get hurt if he climbs out again, how it would make you so sad, etc? My DD, SIL and I all talked to my GD when she did the same thing last year at nearly 2 yrs. They also told her she could PLAY! in her crib, if she wakes up; I just don't think kids realize that they can do that in the crib--we let her chose one or two books to have as well as a stuffed animal (that was not a current going-to-bed to cuddle with toy). She's stayed in her crib since then! Good luck! Grandma

Trannyhead said...

I think Bear's too little and too MALE to follow Anon's advice.

But as for mine? I say it's time to graduate to a big boy bed ... and put a baby gate at the entrance to his room so he can't wander around.

Kristine said...

Oh, one of my fears!! mine doesn't seem to think it's a possibility yet. Although he can open the crib gate (ours swings down and out) he doesn't climb out.

I'm thinking, for mine, I'm keeping him in the crib until I think he won't roll into the rail thing as hard as I've seen him roll into the crib bars.

But a gate on his room sounds like a good solution to me.

Stephanie said...

Yikes! My Chicken figured this out about a month or two ago. A few swats on the bottom with stern explanation on how bad it could hurt him pretty much stopped him cold. He's definitely not ready for a toddler bed or anything yet, so I continue to win the fight...for now.

Erin said...

Sean's been in a toddler bed for about 6 months. I'm of the opinion that when they can get out of their crib - it's time for the big boy bed.

Haley said...

Wow! I know this day will probably come for us soon as well.

Glad the keys all went back on though!

newduck said...

Oh the horror! How do they always get into the most dangerous/expensive/precious things we own?! Also, I've only been a mom for ten months but I've already learned that silence is deadly. The kid is quiet? You KNOW you're in trouble.

jpandtheboys said...

Oh my goodness. That would freak me out. We are in the same situation with Brody as far as that he has never slept well with us except once when he was sick. So I am curious to know what you learn as how to transfer him over to a big boy bed. We are still a ways off. Brody hasn't escaped the play pen yet so I figure I have some time.