Friday, July 17, 2009


* Why is it that Mama can coach you over and over to say 1-2-3, A-B-C, etc and you will stubbornly refuse to say it in front of anyone when Mama asks you to? However you will have no problem saying "Oh, s%#*" in front of your grandparents, Sunday school teachers, and Mother's Day out staff after hearing your daddy say it once?

* Why is it that you sleep blissfully through the night (for the most part) over the past 2 years but the night your 3 month old brother decides to sleep pretty soundly you decide that is the night to wake up every 1/2 hour and fuss and scream for no reason? I know there was no reason because I checked, multiple times.

* Why is it that when Mama tells you no more juice because you keep spitting it on the carpet you decide that it is OK to get the dog's water bottle from his crate and try to drink out of that instead. Yuck!

* Why is it that you never want to play with or kiss the baby until he is sleeping soundly in his crib or the swing? Same goes for crawling all over Mama only when she is feeding the baby.

* Why do you ask to watch Elmo and then as soon as Mama gets it on you throw a screaming fit asking to watch robots (Transformers)?

* Why do you think that it is ok to throw any food on the floor that you deem "yucky"?

* Why do you scream and cry about being forced to take a bath and the scream and cry when it's time to get out?

* Why do you wait till Mama is at her wits end to decide to be cute and give Mama kisses?


Kristine said...

OMG, have you been spying in my windows for the last 3 weeks? With the exception of the baby, i am dealing with the same stuff.

Haley said...

Wow, it sounds like Bear and Jackson are on the same page. :-)

Especially about the bath thing.

misguided mommy said...

omg...the dogs water bottle.


Stephanie said...

Yup, typical toddler that's been made into a big brother! I feel your pain!

Trannyhead said...

If you find out the answer to any of these questions, please let me know. Particularly the throwing food on teh floor thing. It's a big pain since I'm preggo and have a hard time getting back up OFF the floor once I get down there.

stacey said...