Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank you all so much for your supportive comments. This parenting thing is like a big scary roller coaster. Really big highs, crazy curves, and then a stomach in your mouth drop of epic proportions. Only this can happen in a matter of minutes with a child. Monday was just a rough day at the end of a rough couple of weeks.

Tuesday shaped up to be slightly better as Bear has Mother's Day Out from 9-3 and I had a hair appointment scheduled for that day. Nothing like highlights and a trim to make you feel like a new woman. But of course those plans got derailed. I managed to get Bear dropped off 20 minutes late on Tuesday because he refused to get out of bed, refused to eat breakfast, and refused to get in and then out of the car. I barely had time to rush through the grocery store and drop off the groceries at the house before hopping in my car to get across town to my hair appointment. On the way the MDO people called and said Bear threw up and I needed to come get him. So I got to reschedule my hair appointment and head over to pick up my toddler that I dropped off just an hour and a half before. I showed up and before I even made it to the second set of doors into the center I could hear him screaming. Yay....

He was fine for the rest of the day, of course. Wednesday wasn't too bad because my husband finally finished up the soul sucking job he has been working on for weeks and got home by 6. We even managed to go have dinner together as a family. So that was nice. Yesterday was perfect. It was the day I have been needing for awhile. Bear was in a good mood, my hair appointment was good, I got to have lunch with my best friend, I made THREE trips to Target (1 was because the checker forgot to give me one of my bags) and my husband got home at 5:45 so we had dinner and then he took Bear out for an hour and a half plus gave him a bath and put him to bed for me. Score!

Now my only complaint is Tater being out of sorts. I don't know if it is teething, a growth spurt or just one of those developmental phases. He has been sleeping even worse than usual. Waking at least hourly. Plus he hasn't been eating normally. He keeps fussing and pulling away. I have tried Orajel with little luck. So I am going to start him on rice cereal tonight and see how that goes. He just fusses all the time. Playing with toys in his swing seems to be the only thing that makes him happy and even that is only for short periods of time. Wish me luck on this one.

Thank goodness I have Glee recorded on my DVR from Wednesday to watch at nap time. There needs to be something to look forward to today.


stacey said...

ahhh, i love my dvr too!! i usually save shows for night or when i am nursing. keeps me sane watching other people's crazy lives!!

Stephanie said...

not to sound like a know it all, but have you asked your pediatrician about reflux for Tater? All three of mine had it and a little prevacid will probably cure a lot of the fussing. Prop his bed up at night, too and see if that helps. At this point, it's worth a try if he's not sleeping well. A lot of times rice cereal will make things more solid and stay down easier. My ped. said 1 tsp per ounce for my daughter, who projectiled every day. However, my last daughter had silent reflux. Rarely spit up but I could hear it "popping" back up in her throat and she swallowed it down before it escaped.