Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving

Happy almost Thanksgiving! We are still alive over here. There just hasn't been a whole lot going on this past month. In fact I can't believe Halloween was already a month ago. The boys are doing well. Tater turned 7 months old on the 11th. OMG...and Bear is fast approaching his 3rd birthday in just over 2 months.

Tater is not yet crawling although he can do a little of the army man crawl with the belly on the ground. It is hard for the poor kid to get any tummy time to practice with a brother who won't leave him alone. As for Bear we are in the throes of the terrible twos still. It is shaping up that we will move straight into the tyrannical threes. There is much crying and gnashing of teeth over every little thing (mostly by me). He has also really gotten into the "no" and "I don't like it" phase lately. Let's not even mention the potty training that is so not happening. We have tried to not pressure and have offered bribes. I have taken him to the bathroom with me and talked to him about going potty until I am blue in the face but to no avail. The kid ain't budging. This was OK at 2 this is not as OK at nearly 3. I know if I try to force it or make a big deal out of it he will just resist even more.

But they are both beautiful and healthy so there is nothing to really complain about. Nothing that won't pass with time. We are truly blessed.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone and hopefully I will post again before Christmas.


Haley said...

They are so cute! :-)

Kristine said...

They are sooo cute.

One of the best potty training tips I got was this: You can fight with them for 6 months about potty training and end up with a potty trained child, or you can just let them decide when they're ready and do it in a few days with out the fights, even if it's 6 months down the road - you've still got a potty trained child in 6 months.

You just have to decide whether you want to fight with them for 6 months or not.

Good luck!

stacey said...

i feel like i am constantly telling luke to leave brax alone-ugh!

tighten your belt and stock up on liquor as you enter 3's!! :)

Shawna said...

Kristine made a very wise comment.

I too have read that it's up to them and that if you push too soon, while you might have immediate success, it's very likely that they will rebound later and will regress. FOR YEARS. Someone close to me (I won't name names...) was potty trained too early and started wetting the bed at 3 years old and continued until he was 8. EIGHT! FIVE YEARS of bed wetting. What's worse is that most nights after wetting his bed he'd go sleep with his older sister, end up wetting her bed which would wake her up, and she'd change the sheets on both beds and put them back to bed. Poor kids and poor mom!

So don't sweat it and don't push it. Every kid has their own timeline. :)

Good luck!