Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am preparing for a mini invasion this weekend. My best friend's husband's birthday is today and they requested to celebrate his birthday with a BBQ at our house Saturday. No biggie. They have a small apartment so it makes sense for us to cook a brisket at our house. But on top of having the get together on Saturday I also have an old college friend coming in to town tomorrow to stay the weekend. She is set to attend a wedding here on Saturday so she won't be here for the BBQ but she will stay Friday and Saturday night.

I am looking forward to seeing my friends this weekend but I am also dreading it a bit. Not because I don't like them or don't like entertaining. I just don't have a lot of time with my husband with all the hours he works and I will be out of town part of next week in Dallas. So there won't be a lot of time for us to hang out and decompress with people here all weekend.

Before I got married I used to dread the weekends and nights. I lived alone and made every effort to never be without company or plans. Now that I am married I have become quite a homebody, perfectly content to spend a weekend in pjs with my hubbie and a stack of videos. I have gotten a little better about going out but I still prefer to keep my outing to a few hours and then back home.


stacey said...

i hope it turns into a very enjoyable weekend!

Haley said...

Hope you guys have a great time together!

Tranny Head said...

A rule out of my temporarily single mom playbook - keeping busy always helps fight off loneliness. I take Sumo out somewhere - ANYWHERE - instead of staying at home when I'm alone because otherwise I start to get bored and lethargic.

Anyhoo - I hope your BBQ is fun! Eww - I just typed "anyhoo." I hate when people say that.