Monday, September 1, 2008

My readers are so respectful

I am so impressed with my readers. You are some classy guys and gals. I brought up some pretty controversial issues in my last post and everyone was so respectful about making their points. I really appreciate that because I was really afraid to open my comments after I posted.

It seems in the past week that the Internet has exploded over this election in the biggest frenzy since the primaries. Whew. I won't even touch the controversy over Palin. I even refrained from making ugly comments on blogs that vilified her. You inspire me.

Did you have a good Labor Day weekend? Mine was pretty good. Boring, but good. Bear starts Mother's Day out tomorrow. I admit I am a little nervous. Daycare was just such a bad experience I feel like I have post-traumatic stress. Hopefully this will go better.


Haley said...

Hopefully MDO will go well for you guys!

We had a restful labor day, just relaxing...we also hit up some good sales at the mall! :-D

Kristine said...

Oh...Landon will start at a day care center on Monday, we also had a bad experience with day care in the beginning and he's been at a relative's house for a year anmd a half...I feel your anxiety. Everything will be fine, I'm sure.