Thursday, December 18, 2008

The old bait and switch

So a couple of months ago I decided to start working on redecorating the guest room for Bear since the nursery will soon be commandered by his little brother. I figured since Christmas was coming up and his birthday it would be a great way to get the grandparents to help me redecorate and not buy him a bunch more toys. I located a bedding set at Target that I absolutely loved so I trotted down to the local Target and snagged up every matching piece they had in stock. This included the comforter, throw pillow, bear paw print sheets, red lantern lamp, bear piggy bank, curtains and stuffed bear. My mom volunteered to buy all of this stuff as Bear's Christmas/birthday gift. I purchased all of this about a month and a half ago. I put all the stuff away in the guest bedroom closet until we had the room ready.

Fast forward to today. We have painted his room, assembled the much assembly required furniture, and hung the curtains. The mattress was on order and my husband picked it up today and hauled it in. I excitedly dug out all the bedding accessories and made up the new bed only to discover that I did not get this bedspread at the store but instead got this one. Now the one I ended up with is nice and goes fine with the color scheme but it is not what I thought I was purchasing. Target had put all the pieces that matched the bedspread I thought I was getting with the bedspread that I ended up with. Because it was all folded up I didn't realize it didn't have the little bear mural until this evening. Now I still like the bedspread I got but it irks me that I got something other than what I thought I was getting especially since I bought all the other little pieces that match the whole bear/camping scene. I guess I could try to hunt down the reciept from 1 1/2 months ago and repackage the bedspread and return it and purchase the correct on online. I don't know. I may just buy the other one too and keep this one as a backup as you can never have too many linens with a small child. Grrr...I will just have to learn to start paying closer attention when I buy stuff.

On a good note, I went to the dentist today and no cavities! Whew! I celebrated by making sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles cause nothing screams good oral hygiene like sugar topped with more sugar.



jpandtheboys said...

Totally off the subject but I tagged you. You will have to go to my blog and check it out.

PS. I like both bedspreads. I actually really like the 2nd one. It would grow with him. So if he out grows the bear stuff you still have a comforter that he could use for a while.

Kristine said...

Do you call him Bear at home, because that's so cute!

stacey said...

i think it will look great and not be a bear overload! you can always accessorize!

Stephanie said...

Amen about never having too many linens! My Punky gets very upset when I have to wash her princess comforter! So sorry you got the wrong one, but look on the bright side, if you didn't pay for any of the first round, you can totally justify buying the second spread!!!! ;oD

LL said...

How irritating. The one you ended up with is cute, but I'll second that the original one is cuter if you need some back-up support for going to buy it :)

Target is pretty good about returns, so you'll at least get a store credit to cover the new purchase. Or, as you said, you really can't have enough bedding supplies with a toddler, and extra bed spreads are nice for the floor, for a guest, for a more "grown up" room if he gets tired of bears, etc. You'd probably be glad you had both!

Cee said...

I think target lets you return without a receipt if you paid by card- just bring the c ard in and they can track it- amazing.

Haley said...

At least both bed spreads are cute! :-)

Yay for no cavities!