Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Still alive, barely

Ugh. So I'm ringing in the New Year with what may be a cold/sinus infection/curse of the snot gods or all of the above. Whatever. I feel like crap. I have been in my pajamas since 4 this afternoon when my husband arrived home from work 30 minutes after I arrived home from Dallas. It is now 9:45 and the car is still packed with my luggage from the trip but Bear is in bed and Chinese food and mint chocolate chip ice cream have been consumed so the day isn't a complete loss.

Christmas was good for the most part. Normally I get really excited about Christmas every year and I am really sad when it is over but honestly this year I am just relieved it is over. If Santa really loved me he would have had all my Christmas decorations and my tree up in the attic when I got home from visiting my Dad but alas, he doesn't so I still have to tackle that when I feel better.

This year was relatively easy in terms of Christmas plans as everyone except my Dad came to see us so instead of visiting my in laws (who are divorced and live 2 hours apart) and my parents (who are divorced and live 4 hours apart) I only had to drive to Dallas the weekend after Christmas. Which was doubly good because Bear got a nasty ear infection the day after Christmas complete with yucky drainage and a nasty cough to boot. We ended up taking him to Urgent Care the next day and confirming my fears that the tubes we put in last October have fallen out. We got him all fixed up on antibiotics and cough syrup so its all OK now.

He also managed to have his first scary injury the day after Christmas when he decided to pull on his stocking which was held in place by a nice, heavy, metal stocking hanger off the mantel. Luckily he pulled at an angle so it grazed off his head and just left a nice scratch. It was a bit of a heart stopper for a moment there as it seemed to happen in slow motion and no one could stop him before it fell. Plus head injuries, no matter how small, bleed A LOT. Luckily no stitches were needed and the offensive decorative stocking hangers have been tossed and we will now be screwing in small hooks from our mantel instead for future years stockings.

Present wise, it was a lovely Christmas. I got 4 pairs of pink pajamas (2 from my mom, 1 from my sister and 1 from my grandmother plus matching slippers) which considering that around April I will be spending a lot of time in pajamas I think it was a good call on their part. I also managed to fry my cell phone with a leaky sippy cup in the purse so I used Christmas cash to buy a new maroon LG enV2 phone which I love. It only took 2 visits to the Verizon store and a visit to Circuit City to get it since the people at the Verizon store I went to don't seem to care about actually selling phones to people or anything. The guy at Circuit City was awesome though and the price was much better so it all turned out well. I also got a new Click Free backup drive which I love, love, love and have now backed up mine and my husband's computers. If you aren't backing up your data regularly because you think its a pain you need to buy one of these. Seriously. It rocks and takes up very little space. My husband and I both unknowingly bought each other digital picture frames for Christmas and I wonder now how I went so long without one. I really love them both. I won the wife of the year award for buying my husband an awesome universal remote to replace the 3 remotes we were using. Plus he got me various things including a Sephora gift card which I am still contemplating how to use.

Anyways, I think that about brings me up to date. Its been a crazy last few days and I need to get some rest so hopefully I can kick this cold. Happy New Years! Please drink something for me.


stacey said...

sounds like a lovely spread for Christmas! sorry you are feeling yucky!

Erin said...

When the hell are you due?? I feel like you've been forever!!! :D Hang in there!

newduck said...

ARRGHGH!!! I didn't read the whole post because my eyes rolled back into my head after the part about the ear tubes falling out. My baby also got tubes last October and if they fall out I WILL DIE. I can't remember a more miserable period of my life than when she was getting those infections, and I really hope your son's clear up soon.

JR Photography said...

I had two margaritas new years day.. will that work!? ;)

Haley said...

Hope you get to feeling better really soon!

like you got nice gifts though!

Glad to hear that Bear is ok, and feeling better!

Kristine said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas.