Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Silver Bells

Bear had his first Christmas program yesterday at Mother's Day Out. I had honestly forgotten about it until the teacher asked me if I was coming when I dropped him off yesterday. Luckily it was a pretty informal little show so I didn't feel too horrible about the fact that I had forgotten and dressed him in a gap sweatshirt and jeans versus a cute outfit.

I was the only parent there without a video camera and/or camera. I am such a slacker. The program was basically each class from toddlers to older 4s getting up and doing some kind of Christmas song which none of them actually sang and most forgot to play their instruments for. Bear's class was the youngest so they basically sat on the stage and shook little felt mitten things with bells on them to Jingle Bells. I am turning into such a mommy sap because I was almost in tears over 2 minutes of my kid shaking bells on a stage. I imagine he won't be able to take me anywhere by the time he does some serious accomplishments. He was really cute though and I am totally not biased. He was one of the few kids getting into the music and he was swaying and clapping and shaking those bells. He was even waving to the audience.

Seeing that makes me so proud not just because of what he did but because he wasn't shy. I was so incredibly painfully shy until sometime in later elementary school that I would have never been able to do something like that. At my first dance recital when I was 3 they never got me on stage. I stood on the side of the stage and wailed. My sister was always the one that hammed it up and I always hid behind my mother. So it was a proud day for me yesterday. Which totally made up for the fact that I was sick as a dog the night before with what I think was a less severe one of my gallstone (or whatever) attacks. Plus it was cold, wet and gross yesterday and the lady checking me out at the grocery store was rude about my coupons and wouldn't take some of them. I really needed that little bell ringing pick me up.


Kristine said...

Landon's first Christmas program was last night too. I am a new convert, I was dreading the Christmas program a little, but our was broken into 2 groups, so we only had 3 classes, and they were all adorable.

I took some terrible pictures (note to self, do not use the zoom feature on the camera) so I might as well have not had my camera, but tomorrow I should have a blog worthy video that my husband took. Anyway, he was also the only one in his class to actually do the stuff, and he hammed it up good. They were still talking about it this morning. It was awesome. I never thought I could be this proud - not just that he was good, but that it was very social of him and that's a huge step.

jpandtheboys said...

Yeah for the bell ringing! I hope you are feeling better.
Bear sounds like Brody. Brody was clapping for himself during his dedication at our church and talking to the whole congregation. :) It does make you proud doesn't it! Too cute. :)

Stephanie said...

How sweet! My Punky is getting so shy around other people. I hope it's just a phase!