Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 32 - Commence Nesting

I will officially be 32 weeks tomorrow. Just 3 days shy of when my water broke with Bear. Through out this pregnancy I have been doing some of the usual nesting. We set up Bear's new big boy room to free up the nursery, cleaned out the linen closets, and organized the medicine shelf in the bathroom closet to make sure we have all our baby nose suckers and themometers in order. However in the past few weeks the nesting has kicked it up a notch. I have organized the drawer with my party supplies, cleaned and organized the pantry, scrubbed and organized the lazy susan shelf with my pots and pans, cleaned and organized the cabinet with all the sippy cups and Rubbermaid containers, organized under the bathroom and kitchen sinks, cleaned out the fridge, etc.

This weekend we even started pulling down some of the baby things from the attic like the bassinet, newborn - 3 month clothes, bouncy seat, and the carseat. I washed all the clothes and blankets and folded them all and put them in the basket below the bassinet. I just feel like there is so much to do and I am so afraid of ending up in the same predicament as last time where I am recovering from a c-section and trying to wash baby clothes, set up a nursery and get my house ready to bring him home. I know the chances of another preemie baby are low but I think the added pressure of having a toddler is sending me into overdrive. I know that people will be coming and staying in my house to help take care of Bear while I am in the hospital and the first few weeks home with the baby. God forbid my mom see expired medicine on the shelf or not be able to find the lid to a pot in the kitchen due to my lack of organization.

I am starting to feel reasonably prepared. However, I know when I do get home from the hospital there will still be messes and things I forgot to get. I didn't really get into the whole nesting phase with my last pregnancy so I hope this is all just hormones and I will relax some when the baby gets here since I know keeping an organized and immaculate house with a toddler, new baby and a husband is an exercise in futility.


Kristine said...

I never got the nesting instinct with Landon. I was too busy making a Kristine shaped dent in our mattress. I find the differences between pregnancies extremely interesting, and I just wonder how my next one will go.

kristi said...

Awwwwww.........nesting...I remember that!

stacey said...

oh girl, i am laughing with you! i can have a ton of laundry and other more in-the-moment things to do, but by golly, my jewelry box and bathroom cabinets MUST be cleaned and organized NOW!! :)

Haley said...

I nested like crazy with Jackson. I was nesting actually when I picked up a box that was quite heavy, which cause my water to break...and him to be 6 weeks early.

Here's to a healthy full term baby!

Misguided Mommy said...

nesting killed me last time. i was washing shower curtains out of boredom for goodness sakes