Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chef Bear

Bear has been so busy lately. It is nice to transition out of the into everything toddler stage into a more structured play stage with an almost pre-schooler. He has shown a great interest in cooking lately. Every time I go near the kitchen he is in there dragging a chair behind him ready to "help make cookies, mama". Or muffins. I have to convince him that mama does more than bake cookies and muffins. Occasionally we have to eat real food. I let him watch and do a little stirring but for the most part he is too little to be much help. He will even eat chopped onion, bell pepper and carrots off the cutting board as I am working although he wouldn't touch those if I placed them on his plate at dinner. Kids are funny like that.

The other day I had set out a bowl of beans to soak overnight and went to feed Tater. I heard Bear going into his room and getting his stool. I caught him in the kitchen pretending to cook for me. He played with that bowl of beans for an hour while I sauteed veggies and got the other dinner prep ready. Guess who is getting some wooden play food for Christmas?

He got a train table yesterday from my Dad who came down to celebrate Christmas early. So if the whole chef thing doesn't work out he could definitely get behind the idea of being a train engineer. He went to bed last night holding pieces from the train set while us adults spent 2 hours building the train table. Then another 2 hours this morning assembling the train track and assorted buildings. It is awesome though.


Stephanie said...

That is one awesome train table!!! My son got his last night as well, and his is nothing like that! I think it might be because mama built the tracks...:oD

Haley said...

Wow! That train table is SO cool!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!