Monday, December 28, 2009


How do you wrap up a week of holiday excitement into one little blog post? To put it simply, Christmas was awesome. Having small children definitely makes it more fun. Plus now that we have kids our parents and grandparents come to our house to celebrate so there is no traveling. Yay! It was exhausting and wonderful and I wish I could bottle it up and enjoy it during the blah days through out the year.

I already showed y'all the train table in the last post which definitely took the cake as the coolest Christmas present. My husband got me a Flip video camera of my own so I can record the kids while he is at work since he misses all the great moments that happen during the day. I also got Adobe photoshop so hopefully I will have better edited pictures coming to a blog post in the near future. As soon as I quit watching Gossip Girl dvds and start figuring out how it works. I got my husband a Stud finder among other things and it has been a source of endless jokes (on his part).

I think I should have just gotten him a vasectomy for Christmas because the man has been talking about babies waaaayyyy too much lately. As in he wants a 3rd baby in the not too distant future. And I want a 3rd baby when, well, never. So there's that. I think a real Christmas present would have been him having to do all the night time feedings for the next 9 months. I think that would nip the whole baby fever thing in the bud.


kristi said...

I had to BEG for #2!

Kristine said...

We are so far away from #2, it's not even funny. And one time I mentioned possibly wanting 3 and I think lazers shot out of my husband's eyes.

stacey said...

baby, baby, baby! :) i can hear you....sleep, sleep, sleep!!