Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I just really haven't been up to much. My husband was in a golf tournament all weekend so I spent the weekend home with the baby. Although I did sneak away for breakfast with my best friend on Saturday before my husband left for the golf course so that was a nice break. Oh, and I spent approx 3 hours at an Albertson's near my house that is shutting down buying up going out of business deals.

I love being at home full time but it is definitely making me a bit boring. I spend my days playing with Bear, cleaning, and clipping coupons. Saving money is becoming a wee bit of an obsession for me lately. I am trying so hard to be a good steward of our money now that we have cut our budget significantly with me leaving my job. I always thought people who clipped coupons were nerds but I realize now that they were pretty clever. It is hard to keep up with the what you have, when to use it, manufacturer vs store coupons, etc. I have my trusty coupon organizer but it is still a lot of work. I have literally doubled my grocery shopping time.

But I will say that it is a lot of fun to walk out of a store with a lot of stuff for nearly nothing while everyone else's grocery bills are climbing. I think I just really want to prove to my husband that me staying home won't be a hardship on our family financially. Especially since I decided to quit my job just as the prices of gas and food are doubling. I spent $74.00 filling my SUV this weekend and that was at Sam's Club. I wish I had a car with better gas mileage but it is paid for so it still comes out better than making a car payment and I don't drive much anymore.

I think my new obsession with saving money really boils down to my fear of having to go back to work because we can't pay our bills. I know there are worse things in life but now that I am home I really can't imagine going back if I can help it. So if you have any tips on saving cash let me know. I spend a lot of time frequenting the Money Saving Mom website and she has great ideas but I would love to hear any of yours.


Tranny Head said...

As I think I've already mentioned, I'm jealous and wish I could spend every day with my baby!

My money-saving tip? Don't go to the grocery store hungry. I know that sounds stupid, but if you have your list and you're not hungry, you won't deviate from the plan. I always end up buying stuff I don't need when I'm starved.

Marmarbug said...

I am a coupon clipper to the max. I also check sales out. I have been trying SO hard to be good lately. This economy SUCKS!

Amanda said...

I think there are plenty of creative money saving ideas out there. From my blog, I link to a blogroll called Frugal Hacks. There are loads of people sharing how they cut back.

As for your staying home, I know the timing is complicated, but I think even with rising prices, your family will still see the benefits. You could be paying higher food/gas costs, plus daycare and convenience expenses from being tired from working so much. I know you'll do great!

Stephanie said...

I would love to hear more about where you find coupons and stuff (other than the paper). Our grocery bill is about to be added to with #3 due in 5 weeks, and I would love to get some more tips. Hubby is constantly complaining. I never leave Wal-Mart for less than $100, even if it's 3 bags of stuff. HELP ME!

Haley said...

Always make a specific list before you go to the store, and then only buy whats on the list.

That seems like common sense, but really, if you try things the other way around, you end up coming home with things you didn't really need.

Also, don't buy something just because there's a coupon for it. I have a friend who does this all the time, if you wouldn't have bought it otherwise, why buy it to "save" 25 cents.....you know?

Kristine said...

List - as was said above. I also try not to take my husband - because he likes to just buy extra crap. And if he does go, I implement the "only one thing not on the list rule." Which means that if he forgot to tell me he needed deodorant until we were on that aisle - that's his one thing. Yeah, I'm kind of mean like that.

Plan at least 1 week of menus prior to shopping, and also I generally plan our menu around things we already have at least one component of - and also somewhat on sales. Sometimes I can get whole meals out without spending an extra dime.

Indy said...

My latest plan is to not go shopping. I stay out of Target and Walmart as much as possible. I try to only grocery shop. It is always a challenge. I agree with marmarbug, this economy sucks.