Friday, June 6, 2008

Updates, in case you care

Yes, I am still here. I noticed recently that I have a habit of posting about something and then never mentioning it again. Some of you may not care but some of you may. So just a general status update for those of you who care....

1. Yes, Bear is sleeping again.
That night
was apparently just a nod to the Teething Gods and their mighty power of sleep deprivation.

2. No, I have not done anything with the suggestive ball found in the backyard. It has mysteriously moved to the opposite end of the yard and I am hoping it will mysteriously migrate itself on to greener pastures. I did, however, throw 2 seemingly innocuous plastic colored balls back into the neighbors yard yesterday while ignoring the ball from Mandee.

3. No, I haven't broken my new camera , yet. *Knock on wood furiously*. Unfortunately the new camera did not come with the ability to upload pictures from itself to my computer by osmosis. You would think for as much as I paid it would but alas, it doesn't. I even bought a nifty device that plugs into the side of my laptop that I just pop the memory card into to upload the pictures yet that still doesn't overcome my laziness.

So there you have it. Updates. Besides that I am just being a sloth this week. I have been getting the housework done, watching the baby, baking fresh bread every day and cooking dinner but all of these things can be done from the comfort of my home. So maybe I am not a sloth just more of a homebody. I did venture out once this week to the library where I picked up some books that I have been devouring after Bear goes to bed. I am currently half way through The Year of Pleasures. I am still working on my Dove chocolate stash although I may need to venture out and replenish it soon. I have been tagged for a Meme which I promise I am working on. I think that about covers it.


Marmarbug said...

Lucky you it was only teething!!!!

That is so weird about the ball.

Don Mills Diva said...

Glad Bear is sleeping and BTW baking fresh bread doesn't sound very slothful to me!

Haley said...

Glad to hear Bear is sleeping again! :-)