Friday, August 8, 2008


Bear and I are in Houston visiting my Mom's house for a few days. This afternoon I decided to take him into the backyard to play a bit while my Mom was out running errands. In the course of play he picked up a small decorative rock in the flower bed and before the the thought of him dropping it on his foot had finished crossing my mind he dropped it on his big toe. This caused a small cut on his toe which started bleeding.

I picked him up and tore through the house looking for bandaids and Neosporin leaving a tiny trail of blood droplets. He had stopped crying before I even got him bandaged up. It just one of those millions of tiny accidents that kids have but yet it still shook me up.

People say when you have kids you will feel every heartache and pain as acutely as they do. I believe you feel it even more so. Long after they have moved on you still feel that shaky terror that you felt when you first heard that hurt cry. Whether the pain is big or small you take it on as your own and you nurse that memory long past their physical pain.


Haley said...

Oh poor bear! :( I hope his toes gets better really soon!

The hurt cry really tugs at my heart too! When Jackson has a hurt cry over something I hurt too inside!

Erin said...

Hey Sweetie. :) I've been totally absent from the blog-o-sphere lately. Hope you're all doing well.

Kristine said...

Poor Bear!

I never understood when parents could stand by when their kids cried after falling and say "you're ok!" but now, I see there is a HUGE difference between a real hurt cry and a scared myself cry.

Anonymous said...

Then, too, by example they can teach us to let go.

Tranny Head said...

Dude! I'm totally the "You're ok" mom. I'm awful because my sympathy level for boo-boos is generally low. Unless I somehow caused it in which case I feel awful!