Monday, February 11, 2008

Dinner for ...none?

My husband and I bought our house with the lovely open floor plan thinking about all the people we would have over for parties and dinners. And we have had a lot of get togethers in our home. This has been wonderful. We are typically the go-to house when everyone wants to get together to watch the game or celebrate an occasion. Typically the meal plan involves grilling.

However lately I have noticed that we aren't doing the dinners as much. I am burned out on doing steaks and brisket. But I have noticed that none of the other menfolk besides my husband eat anything but beef. Case in point, we had another couple over 2 weeks ago to watch the season premiere of Lost and the wife and I originally intended for us to all have dinner first. But then she and I both realized that her husband doesn't eat anything. He refuses to eat vegetables and is always on a diet cutting out carbs and sugars. When he came over for the Superbowl he ate brisket and a tiny piece of my homemade whole wheat honey bread. He avoided the beans, dips, potato salad, etc like the plague. So we ended up eating separately and just getting together to watch the show.

Yesterday I was over at my neighbors house admiring their new baby and I invited them over to share Valentines dinner with us. I had already planned to make my husband's favorite, Shrimp Feta Cheese Pasta which makes more than enough for 4 people. The wife explained that she appreciated the gesture but her husband doesn't eat seafood. None at all. He is a "meat and potatoes" man. We have another couple we are friends with that the husband also doesn't eat seafood. And yet another couple that the husband doesn't eat anything with spices other than salt and pepper because everything is too spicy for him. I can go on but I believe you get the point.

It has gotten to the point where I don't really want to invite people over to dinner anymore because I alway end up grilling beef or making lasagna and that gets boring. Then the guys won't even eat the salad or side dishes. I always thought men would eat anything but apparently I was wrong in that assumption. It is one thing to accomodate a child's picky eating but all these grown men that are picky eaters are driving me crazy.


Kristen said...

How about a potluck...everybody brings their favorite dish?

stacey said...

i live with one of those men and it DRIVES ME CRAZY! just once, i want a great salad meal or fun pasta like your yummy looking one! however, we don't decline invites b/c of it-he has to suck it up! and then i get to hear him gripe later!

Amanda said...

Goodness, woman, what unfortunate luck. The only thing I've found that my hubby has a general distaste for (though he still chokes it down) is ground turkey. Other than that, he'll eat practically anything with generous compliments to the chef. He even has some random allergy to fish, and still takes the risk just in case it won't kill him.

Wish we knew you IRL -- we'd never turn down those delicious dinners you picture!