Friday, February 1, 2008

Whiling away the hours..

Yes it is Friday afternoon at 2:30 my time. 2 1/2 hours until blessed freedom. Bear had his 1 year checkup this morning and everything was perfect. He is in the 25% percentile for weight and height for a 12 month old but if you take into account the fact that he was born 2 months early he is in the 50% percentile for height and weight for a 10 month old. Yes, my child is average and I am proud.

We watched Lost last night. Another couple came over to watch with us and I will admit I wasn't 100% focused on Lost. *GASP*. I know, I know. What could have caused such a distraction on the scale that would break someone's concentration on Lost?


My friend's husband showed me this website just before Lost started. Or the second freaking hour of Lost. Since the first was a joke. But whatever, I'm not bitter.


Mrs. F said...

Maybe my brain is getting a little bit tired in its' old age, but I tried the IQ test and finally gave up. I could have worked it out if the raft would have crossed the water with no one on it. Pooh.

Mrs. F said...

Oh my gosh, I figured it out. All the people throw their hands in the air at the end. I have no idea what my IQ is though, because if it is on there, then it is in Japanese. Wish it would throw out some English IQ numbers. bummer. That was fun though, thanks.

Coffee Slut said...

Ugh ...thanks! It took me 15 minutes, but I did it!!!!!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Just looking at it scares me. I clicked away from it immediately without attempting to do anything.

newduck said...

Hmm, I was looking for any excuse not to do my homework this weekend and I think you just provided it. I haven't taken the test yet, but I hope it takes upwards of 12 hours so I can continue to procrastinate all day.

Don Mills Diva said...

AS soon as I saw IQ test I had to click back - I just don't wanna know.

Yay for Bear being average!