Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lazy Weekends

Its been a pretty uneventful weekend around here. Bear is still battling a fever but we put him on he antibiotics the doctor gave us. We did a little shopping at Walmart yesterday and bought out their sippy cup selection. We are ready to move Bear off the bottle. He is pretty much completely off formula now. The milk wasn't a big transition but the sippy cup is. I've bought just about every kind they offer hoping he will take to one of them.

Today I got inspired by the blog, A Year Off, and cleaned out my 2 linen closets and Bear's closet. Two huge black garbage bags later I feel much better. I should have taken before and after pictures because I know how riveting that is. Since I felt bad that I didn't take pictures for you of my closets I did take a picture of the lunch I made. I made muffaletta sandwichs. I had been craving the ones from Jason's Deli for days.

They were quite yummy. It made 4 that size.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I'd had a lazy weekend eating delicious, huge sandwiches! Alas...

Good luck on the sippy cup transition! I had a lot of luck with the Avent cups with my first son. My second son just started picked up his older brother's cups one day and never was fussy about it. It's definitely a second child thing!

Coffee Slut said...

omg, that looks super yummy!

When my son was small, I just used the tupperware sippy cups. They're STILL in use, without the lids though. Tupperware lasts forever.

Don Mills Diva said...

OMG - I need to grab some lunch stat - I just drooled on my keyboard!