Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here we are now, entertain us

I have found myself slowly sucked into the blog world. First it was just an occasional checking of Amalah or Rockstar Mommy but then it grew. I feel mired down in the quicksand being sucked under by the sheer number of blogs. Must....read...all..of...them. I have my usuals that I bookmark and check daily but lately I have been sucked into comments and links and find myself hopelessly addicted.

I need my blog fix and find myself checking them several times a day at work and home. If one of my favorite bloggers doesn't update that day it just drives me crazy. Don't they know they are here for my entertainment? Reality shows brought to you live by your web browser only with people who aren't acting for the cameras?

I am one of those A.D.D. people who can't even eat without having something to do during the meal. I must be talking to someone, reading something, or watching TV. I can't drive in the car for more than 2 minutes without talking to someone on my cell. I am almost never relaxed. I must be doing something always. I can't get a pedicure without reading a magazine or book while watching TV and checking my voicemail. Don't even think about taking me to a spa if you think you want to relax. And what is funny is that I am always in a big hurry to do nothing. My life isn't all that exciting, there is nothing so important that I need to rush off to. It is a sickness, really. I may need an intervention...


She Likes Purple said...

Try Google Reader! It tells you when your favorites update. I LURVE it.

Relaxing is a skill, honestly. It comes naturally to hardly anyone. I think it's our culture. (That was as deep as I'm getting today!)

Misguided Mommy said...

this is hilarious. i get sooo mad when people don't update daily!!! SOOOO MAD! Also I to need to be always talking and o my phone and occupied.