Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bargain Hunter

I have to say that Christmas is not my favorite time of year just because of the holiday, the lights, and food, etc. It goes deeper than that. Right to the core of my little bargain hunter soul. It is my time of year to step up to the challenge of buying gifts for everyone on my Christmas budget set by the Grinch, er I mean my husband. We had a heated discussion the night before last regarding my Christmas spending. I kept trying to point out that Christmas gifts were not the only thing on the credit card. We also put daycare, Sam's, Netflix and several other places on there as well. So he asks me to total up my spending. He guessimates that I spent almost double the Christmas budget. I insist that although I don't know the exact number I did not spend THAT much.

So I pull up my online statments and start totaling. Of course the longer it takes to total the more certain he is that I have single handedly caused the financial demise of our family. I know I have gotten some incredible bargains this year but I have also bought for more people than before. Plus I have purchased things for my sister's December birthday, My Dad's January birthday, my twin nephews December birthdays, and Bear's January birthday. I added it all up and came up with actually less than I spent in previous years despite the increase in people.

Thanks to my friend Amazon and the supporting cast including Google, and many, many other websites with free shipping and no sales tax. This is the most I have ever purchased online and so far, knock on wood, everything has been delivered in one piece in a timely manner. And most importantly I never had to leave my couch. No malls, no crowds, no rude salespeople, no tired feet, and I still got some awesome deals. So thank you to the internet without which I might have had to pay sales tax, and shipping, and worst of all, FULL PRICE.

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She Likes Purple said...

I know it's hard to have a budget and stick to it with so many people to buy for. And that's a LOT of birthdays.

I hope you guys are doing a-okay now :)