Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yes, Yes I'm still alive. I know you were worried.

Hello. Miss me? What? You didn't notice I have been AWOL for a week? Anyways, moving on. I am tired. So very, very, very tired. We have been going and going for the last week. I left from work at noon on the 21st packed up Bear and didn't come home until yesterday except for a brief stop Christmas evening to unpack dirty clothes and repack clean ones. When you are traveling with an almost 11 month old stops for clean laundry are mandatory. I got home yesterday and my in-laws stopped by for a quick visit and as soon as they left our friends showed up for pizza and the Alamo bowl on our recently purchased HD ESPN. I love that you can call the cable company and they can just flip a switch and turn on channels for you. I got to see my team lose in stunning new clarity. We have HD channels we just didn't have that particular package.

I did enjoy my time away. I spent days hanging out with my family, mooching free meals off my parents, watching hours upon hours of Lost episodes with my Dad, and of course, playing with all of Bear's new toys. Luckily my mom bought him a toybox which is now busting at the seams. I am glad to be back home watching Netflix with my husband and waiting for all my shows to come back from the holidays. My DVR is all sad and barren. I need to take down my Christmas tree and reclaim my living room but I am too lazy. I have an ungodly number of Google reader posts to read through. Don't you people take holidays? Geez. I just wanted to stop by and say Hi so you would know I was still breathing. I'll check back with y'all later.

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