Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cookie Recipe Suggestions

I've been invited to a cookie exchange at my neighbors house on Saturday. I have several cookie recipes that I know are good but I was wondering if you guys had any tried and true recipes that are always loved and requested? I can bring cookies or bars. I am debating on bringing the oatmeal scotchie recipe from Swistles site. I made those over the Thanksgiving holidays and ate over 2 dozen of them BY MY SELF!!! I am a bit competitive and I want to have the best cookie at the competition, um I mean party. I also pulled a 5 star recipe for gingerbread cookies off the allrecipes site that might work. Your input would be greatly appreciated.


Jamie said...

Definitely go with Swistle's cookies... yummy!!!

She Likes Purple said...

Go with Swistle. I haven't made them, but I think I shall soon.