Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cash or Credit

So my husband calls tonight to activate a new credit card that came in the mail about a month ago. It is not an account he uses much as it was an account I had before I met him. I use this account for just about everything. It is the only kind of credit card the daycare accepts and I have it attached to my online shopping accounts. When my husband called he didn't know any of the answers to the questions they asked him for security on the account. So the account guy requests to talk to me.

I get on the phone and answer all the security questions and the guy tells me my account has been compromised and he has to cancel my card number and issue us new cards. He starts rattling off all these purchases asking if I made them. I think I did but who knows, I have been buying Christmas gifts all over the Internet and they have been hitting my credit card as they ship not in the order I purchased them. Now my online account is locked out online so I can't really log online and go through the transactions and compare my email receipts.

I really, really appreciate my credit card company's vigilance but I have a sneaking suspicion that the fraud alert was triggered by my husband calling to activate a card that was mailed a month ago and not being able to answer the security questions. It is an annoyance I am willing to live with but it is going to be inconvenient as I now have to change my information in a bunch of places and if it wasn't my husband that triggered the alert then I have to worry that someone got a hold of my information.

On another note, the daycare lady never contacted me today so I think she picked the other couple. Go figure.

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She Likes Purple said...

She didn't even let you know? I find her incredibly irritating. I'd send her a letter tell her how burning bridges with parents such as she did is unprofessional and won't benefit her in the long term.

Also, sorry about the annoyance with the credit card company.