Thursday, December 13, 2007

Photo, no go

Why is it that when you want to take a picture of your precious, darling, sweet beautiful child that he insists that if you make him stay still for even a second it will result in a complete and utter meltdown of epic proportions? GAH!!!!!!!! I just want ONE decent cute picture. Is that too much to ask?

I'm trying to get a picture to put on a photo card for his 1st birthday invitations. I don't have any current pictures of him that are birthday invitation worthy. So tonight I chase him all over the house on my hands and knees to try to get ONE picture. And all I get is the back of his head and hysterical tears because Momma is trying to make me stay still.

I probably took 100 pictures and I am ready to pull my hair out. The reason I need the pictures now is that Walgreens is running a deal for 5.00 off photo cards through Saturday. Tomorrow and Saturday we have stuff going on but I'll try again. The worst thing is that my piece of crap digital camera ruins every potentially decent shot by taking so long to actually take the picture that I swear he has crossed the room before the shot is taken....

Time for a new camera..


thethinker said...

That's still an adorable picture!

She Likes Purple said...

The best decision we made was investing in a good camera. When we have a kid, we'll be well equipped to snap those shots before he's taken off across the room.