Friday, December 7, 2007

What's under your tree?

I thought briefly about calling this post "I'll sh0w y0u mine, if you sh0w me yours" but decided the google hits that might attract were more than I wanted to deal with. So in keeping this G rated we will go with "What's under your tree". I've been done with the bulk of my Christmas shopping since the weekend after Thanksgiving. Since then I have been picking up little things here and there. Here is a run down of some of the items I have wrapped and under the tree or in shipment on there way to my house.

For Bear

Hasbro Playskool Let's Play Together Go & Grow Giraffe (this will probably end up a birthday gift in January)

Badger Basket - Barrel Top Toy Chest, Cherry (my mom bought him this but I picked it out)

Clink and Chew Keys

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table

Small World Toys Sunshine Symphony (Got on sale at a discount store locally)

Laugh and Learn : Learning Toolbench (I got this for $17.90 the day after Thanksgiving)

My Mom, Grandma, and My Step-Mother in Law

Leigh Gray Purses - $35.00 will get you a purse, matching cell phone holder or Key FOB and a matching makeup bag. They are really cute in person too.

Father in Law

Band of Brothers DVD Boxed set . This is an awesome series. If you haven't seen it, you should.

My Sister

The Glass Castle

Sephora Gift certificate (comes in a really cute compact with a mirror)

My Husband (I'm not done shopping for him yet)

An Inconvenient Book

The Sopranos - First Season

My Stepmom

The Ghost Whisperer - First Season (I did some shopping around to find a better price, is much cheaper than Amazon on this)

My Dad

Monk - Season 1

I also got him season 2 since his birthday is in January

My husband's nephew

Cold Nose Kisses Amazing Puppies - Beagle

My husband's niece

Cold Nose Kisses Amazing Puppies - Cocker Spaniel

My niece

Hello Kitty Clock Radio with Night Light

I also got some clothes for my nephews and a few other miscellaneous things. The prices on several of these items have gone up since I purchased them on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The Hasbro Giraffe was an awesome deal on Amazon today that I couldn't pass up. It was 30.00 on sale at Toys R Us today but it was only 10.00 on Amazon today.

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She Likes Purple said...

My Christmas shopping MAY get done by February 1. Possibly.