Monday, November 26, 2007

Bedtime Blues

Today was the first day back to work in a week. I "worked" a 1/2 day Wednesday but that barely counts. This past week sucked so much I was glad to be going back to work. I can't believe I just said that. Bear is being a bear lately. We got him all better and got the clean bill of health yesterday except for the thrush.

The anti-fungal is working great and his mouth is all clear. The diaper rash is doing much better too. But what is driving me crazy is his sleeping. We have been blessed with one of those rare, precious children who goes down for the night and immediately falls asleep and sleeps for 12 hour stretches. The past several days he has cried immediately as soon as we put him down. He has also been waking up crying several times in the night. I don't know what to do. I let him cry for a little while and if he doesn't calm down then I go in and get him. I sooth him until he is calm and then put him back to bed. Is it normal for a 10 month old who was a previously great sleeper to start acting like this out of the blue? It is possible he is teething as he hasn't gotten his first tooth yet.

Gah!! I just want my healthy, sleepy baby back.


proud parents said...

We have also been blessed with one of those magical sleepers. Our daughter has slept for 12-13 hours straight since about 3 months. She is also 10 months. When we went for our 9 month check-up, the doctor said that babies who have previously slept through the night may start waking again about this time. He didn't explain why, but he did say not to start up night feedings again. He said babies this age do not need to eat during the night, so just put them back to sleep. Our daughter was also late getting teeth. She got her first FOUR two weeks ago. She cut two one day and two the next. Now she is working on number five and possibly number six. She hasn't started waking during the night, but she does cry out a lot while sleeping. On days her teeth seem to be bothering her, we give her a dose of motrin before bed. That has really done the trick. She seems much more comfortable and doesn't cry in her sleep. It may be worth a try. By the way, she was like that for over a week before we noticed any swelling of the gums or any signs of teething. Sorry that was so long. You can email me through my blog if you want to talk about it more or have any questions. It seems like we are going through the same things right now. I'm so glad he seems to be feeling better!

Jamie said...

Daniel did the same thing. I think that as they are getting older, they develop separation anxiety and just want to be with their mommies!!!