Friday, November 16, 2007


My son's daycare provider rubs me the wrong way. I hate this. I want the person that my son spends the bulk of his waking hours with to be someone that I have rapport with. She is not the only teacher in the infant A classroom but she is the lead teacher and unfortunately she works the earlier shift so she is there every time I drop my son off. I love the girls that are there in the afternoon but unfortunately the way our schedules work out, my husband does most of the pick ups and I do the drop offs. I don't think she particularly cares for me either.

What makes me feel worse is that she LOVES my husband. The other day we accidentally sent one of our bottles mislabeled with the wrong date on it. I got a 15 minute long lecture about how they can get shut down for something like that. A few days later it was my husband's birthday and he labeled the bottles with the date and his birth year. She totally made fun of me for it and I explained that it was actually my husband that did it.

The next day she was still talking about it and told me she had talked to the other teacher and she wasn't sure it was my husband that did it. In all seriousness. I'm always the one who gets the lectures if he is sick and may need to go home or if he ran out of diapers. My husband said I am being too sensitive but I dread seeing her when I drop him off in the morning. She does a great job with my son and loves him so I can't complain about the care he is getting. It is just a personality conflict.

I really feel comfortable talking to her about it so I guess I will just wait it out until he moves up to the infant B room in a few months. I just needed to vent.


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

How frustrating! And my husband is ALWAYS telling me I'm too sensitive.

She Likes Purple said...

Totally sucks. I'm sorry!