Monday, November 19, 2007

The plague

I am officially the world's crappiest mother. So, I left off my last post with Ethan feeling better and crawling around like nothing was wrong. Saturday night I got sick as a dog throwing up. My husband let me sleep in till 9 on Sunday because I was feeling so bad. When I got up Bear had taken a turn for the worse since the evening before. He had started running a slight fever and was throwing up everything my husband gave him.

I was still throwing up but I didn't want to not be there for him so I got dressed and we took him to the Urgent Care center. They checked his ears and he has ear infections in both ears although you couldn't see any drainage yet. They checked his lungs and he had some fluid so they gave him a breathing treatment. They tried to take blood to check for dehydration but after three very difficult attempts they gave up and referred us to the hospital.

We took Bear to the hospital and they did get some blood but could not get an IV in. He came up positive for RSV. That caused bronchial pneumonia and he most likely had a stomach bug too in addition to the ear infections. I felt so horrible. I was already sick and add the guilt of not realizing how sick my child was and I felt like the worst person on earth.

Bear is one of those kids that can be sick as a dog and he will still be smiling and crawling. They did breathing treatments every 3 hours plus antibiotic shots and ear drops. Baby Tylenol brought down the fever and lots of Pedialyte. He got released at 3 this afternoon and we are waiting for the home health care people to drop off a nebulizer for his breathing treatments.

It is good to be home. I know he didn't get any rest in the hospital. I'm keeping him home tomorrow and my husband is staying home Wednesday. We cancelled our Thanksgiving plans with my family. Hopefully he will be all better by next week. He is a real trooper.


Denora said...

Aww, you're not a bad mother. You thought, based on how your son was acting, that he was feeling better! It's a judgement call, and sadly, this time it turned out that you were wrong. That doesn't make you a bad mother, it makes you human. :) I'm glad he's feeling better, and I hope you start feeling better too! Enjoy your quiet holliday!

She Likes Purple said...

I'm sure it wasn't easy cancelling your plans. And you're absolutely not even close to the world's worst mother. I know you feel guilty and even though you shouldn't that doesn't change that you do. Just remember, with all that love you have, nothing you do can be wrong.