Saturday, November 3, 2007

Murphy's Law

Why is it that if the grocery bagger is going to forget to give you one of your bags it has to be the bag with the peanut M&Ms and the new Mojito gum you wanted to try? Why is it that you never realize said items have been forgotten until you get home and begin unpacking your bags? Why is it that the grocery store check out clerk considers it a compliment to say (when I show him my ID to purchase my wine) that he knew I was 21 but he didn't think I was THAT old? I am 27, that is not THAT much older than 21 or so I thought.

My day was going perfectly fine until then. I went this afternoon and got a pedicure and an eyebrow wax, scheduled my son's Christmas pictures with the studio, put out the chicken to defrost for dinner, picked up the 180 pictures I had developed at Walgreens, bought the items I needed to complete my dinner and got myself a treat, or so I thought. Perhaps this is the universe's way of telling me that perhaps the big bag of M&Ms is not in my best interest. Well screw you universe! I want my $6.00 back! (3.99 for M&Ms and 1.99 for gum).

Ok. I had to vent. Luckily they did not forget the two bottles of cheap wine I bought. Without which my day might be a complete loss. Well, that and the pedicure.


CityStreams said...

LOL- This sort of thing is always happening to me :o) Thanks for stopping by my giveaway page. Blessings!!

She Likes Purple said...

You've reminded me to get a pedicure! And buy cheap wine! Thank you much.

dcrmom said...

Naturally! LOL. I love your profile, by the way!

Brandie said...

I would not be happy if my pb m&m's were left out! I'd be so crabby LOL!

Anyway, thanks for the prayers. Could you please send me your address to Brandie185 at gmail dot com and I'll get those books out to you!