Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007 Recap

So we survived our first Halloween. I flew like a bat out of hell from work to pick up Bear at daycare. Then got to the house and put him down for quick nap. While he was napping I went to put my Halloween candy in my cute plastic cauldron I bought last year. I found the candy but alas the cauldron was with my fall stuff in my attic. Crap. So I (still in my work clothes) climb up into the attic from our garage and locate aformentioned cauldron and manage to break a few decorative pumpkins in the process. I pour all the candy into the cauldron and drag Bear out of his crib. I wrangled him into his Halloween costume and dumped him in the front yard with our pumpkins and the Halloween candy. The kid was not amused. I am not ashamed to admit I dangled bright orange packages of M&Ms over the camera to get him to look forward.

(Just wait until I have teeth, those M&Ms are MINE)

Finally my husband came home and coaxed a few smiles out of him. Then he was D*O*N*E with the whole costume business once and for all. So we stripped him down to his onesie literally seconds before my old coworker came by with his kids. Not one person besides me and my husband actually saw him wearing the costume. Oh well there is always next year....

In other news, he had his 9 month check up yesterday and his tubes are working great. The doctor said his ears look good. Yippee!!

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