Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Thoughts

I have been posting nothing but doom and gloom and plague and pestilence for the past week or so. I decided to wait to post until I was in a better frame of mind. Since my 11:45 dentist appointment was rescheduled to 3 weeks from now I am in a better mood. It is amazing how such a small thing as someone scraping my teeth can freak me out for days in advance. I don't like people messing with my mouth. I swear that braces caused me permanent emotional scarring that I may never recover from. I still remember the night my water broke, I was so freaked out about a dentist appointment the next morning I could barely sleep. Luckily, when the baby came I got to postpone my appointment for months. How sad is that? Labor, pulmonary edema, emergency c-section, premature baby? Nothing to the fear of a thorough teeth cleaning.

Bear is doing well so far. Knock on wood. He is still screaming when I put him to bed at night BUT he is going to sleep pretty quickly and mostly importantly, staying asleep. I think the comment from my bedtime blues post about separation anxiety may be spot on. He has recently started to really watch us when we are there and watch for us when we aren't. He is fine if he can see us but if we put him to bed and he can hear us talking in the next room it upsets him. In the mornings he is usually sitting up looking over the edge of the crib for me or pulling down the bumper pad in his crib so he can watch the door through the slats. It absolutely does wonders for my ego to see him light up when I enter the room and hold up his little chubby arms to me to pick him up. He lights up now when we go in to pick him up at daycare and watches me as I leave the room each morning.

My work has been going pretty well. My student worker is an angel from heaven and has made life so much more tolerable. We have been slow but this has allowed me to catch up on the mountains of paperwork threatening to tip over and bury me in an avalanche each time I walk in my office.

The weather is sunny and gorgeous with just a hint of frost in the air when I leave the house in the morning. This is a huge improvement over our weekend of gray clouds, rain, and cold.

So happy thoughts.

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