Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just another weekend

It's been a busy weekend here in our household. I am very behind in my Google Reader but I guess that will give me something to do at work tomorrow. Just kidding, sort of. The funny thing is we really didn't "do" a lot. We stayed home this weekend catch up on things after being out of town last weekend. Friday night our neighbors invited us to dinner with them and their newborn and 2 year old. It was very enlightening. The idea of having 3 kids is now not looking as good as it once did. Luckily the Mexican food and margaritas(for me) did make it slightly easier to handle.

Then we had to stop at the grocery store on the way home so I could run in and pick up some stuff for lunch with friends on Saturday. Note to self, don't drink strong margaritas before deciding to make a quick trip to the store. I ended up coming out with lemon bar mix, sour cream, chocolate chips, baby oatmeal, garlic bread, a 6 pack and gum. I promise its not as random as it sounds. I couldn't decide between making Sour Cream Chocolate chip cake or lemon bars. Cream cheese lemon bars won, btw.

The next morning I had a hair appointment and then we had a great lunch with our friends. Luckily she was in charge of the main dish so I just supplied garlic bread and the lemon bars. Her husband is quite the stock guru so he was showing me some cool tricks on playing the stock market. In exchange my husband helped hang pictures and curtains in their new apartment. We had a great time.

Today we started out slow with the whole time change thing. But we did make it to Petsmart (for dog food), Barnes and Noble (for Starbucks), Panda Express (for lunch), Bed Bath and Beyond (for bedroom curtains), Half Price Books (for Trading for Dummies book), the gas station, and Kroger. We got home and I put Bear down for a nap and I tackled our pantry. I cleaned out a lot of random junk that has accumulated since we moved here two years ago. I have enough light bulbs to last until the Apocalypse in case you were worried. Then we hung the new curtains, did laundry, cleaned the house, and made dinner. I am tired, y'all.


Amanda said...

A newborn and a two-year-old at the same time is really hard, but after a few years, that close spacing really pays off. My two are 18 months apart, and for about two years, I literally thought I had blown a gasket. One day, though, it all clicked, and they're the very best of friends. I love the spacing of my kids now.

Amanda said...

Wow! Busy weekend! Hey, I've tagged you for the book meme. Won't you please play along? (Details here.)

stacey said...

i think i am just impressed your husband runs that many errands with you. does he stay happy doing it?!!