Thursday, March 6, 2008

Short Vent

Things I will NOT miss about my job cont'd

1. People going to my boss with mistakes or questions about things I worked on instead of coming to me first. There are several people who consistently go to my boss and tattle about things without a word to me first so I am blindsided when my boss comes by to talk about it.

2. Being blamed for other people's mistakes. I have had several incidents lately where I received incomplete or inaccurate information and I got blamed for entering it incorrectly.

3. Being expected to be psychic. Apparently if you are working on something and haven't told me about it I am supposed to know you are working on it because you did the same project last year. Nevermind that I have only been here 7 months and wasn't around to know you do this project every year.

Can you tell I am a little frustrated after a chat with my boss? 28 more business days I have to deal with this and then I am OUT.


Cee said...

yay! no more BS to deal with soon!
My husband constantly gets handed projects to do and then after he invests 8 hours into it, his boss changes his mind and tells him he doesn't need it.

People at work can be so frustrating!

She Likes Purple said...

I HATE when people go above you to talk about problems they have with you/your work. I HAVE A MOUTH AND EARS. TALK TO ME.

Haley said...

Hey girlie!

Thanks for the sweet comments today! :-)

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Hope this helps!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I vote that you start an annoying habit . . . like singing really loudly to yourself or humming or something. Or throat clearing. This is most effective in the cubicle or close office set-up . . .

Anonymous said...

Wow - reading that really made me happy that I decided to quit my job a few months ago!

Thanks for entering the beach towel giveaway, good luck!!

Married With Dogs said...

I feel EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE! I totally understand!

.. Thanks for the comment Friday, I really appreciated it ;)

Don Mills Diva said...

Sounds like those 28 days can't pass soon enough!