Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Things I will miss and things I won't

Things I look forward to about being a SAHM
1. No more dry cleaning, heels or pantyhose (unless I feel like it)
2. Playdates
3. NO MORE DAYCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Sleeping later (I usually get up an hour before Bear to get ready, make his breakfast, pack the diaper bag)
5. More than an hour during the day to run errands, eat lunch, get gas, etc
6. No more endless, mindless meetings
7. No more performance reviews
8. No more babysitting of adults
9. Less doctor visits for the bug du jour at daycare
10. More time with Bear, of course (I saved the best for last)

Things I will miss about work
1. Lunches out with adults regularly without a baby
2. Spending an entire 9 hours without changing a diaper
3. Talking with adults every day
4. Making money
5. Losing my housekeeping service
6. The sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a big project
7. Sick days and vacation days
8. Monthly birthday cakes and weekly donuts
9. My office with a big window (I work in cubicles for the previous 3 1/2 years)
10. My student worker (she rocks!)


Anonymous said...

Although the lists have the same number of things, the 'things' in list one are so much more amazing than anything in list 2 could ever contain. I treasure the 3 1/2 years I spent at home with Jack and the 2 years I spent at home with Will.

(And am sad every day when I have to drop them off at day care, but especially Monday when I have to bring the check with me!)

Yes, there were days when all I accomplished was getting us dressed. Yes, there were days when I was so sick of changing diapers and wiping hineys that I wanted to (and sometimes did) scream.

I had a friend comment on SAHMommyhood that you don't get that sense of accomplishment that you do when you're in the office and finish some big project. But I can tell you (from experience) that the sense of accomplishment is even greater when somone says something to you like "You son has such nice manners and is so caring." Because that will be all you...the thankless ins and outs of daily life all come into sharp focus and are so worth it.

So yeah, you'll miss the lunches and the donuts and the housekeeper, but you'll get time with Bear. And they're not little forever.

I'm so excited for you!!!!!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Heh - I like "no more babysitting of adults." I swear meetings are the bane of actual job performance.