Thursday, March 20, 2008

The usual

I've been a little light on the posting lately but there really just isn't much going on over here. Still slaving away to finish my job up. 4 more weeks after this. I just found out we close at noon tomorrow so I calculated that into my countdown of days left until freedom. Bear is doing fine. Knock on wood. We are all set to go to my Mom's this weekend and do a big Easter egg hunt and Easter party although I believe Bear will just be doing photo ops and no actual eggs will be hunted. If he does snag an egg I call dibs on it. Because of choking hazards, of course. Don't feel bad. He has an Easter basket with baby safe goodies including animal crackers so he will get to participate in the festivities.

I will post some pictures for y'all when I get back. If I don't post before I leave tomorrow, have a wonderful Easter!


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip and safe travels!

Some of my favorite pictures from my first son's first year are of him sitting in his Easter basket. He was about 9 months old at the time and dressed up in a little sailor outfit. So cute!

Happy Easter!!!!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

That sounds like fun! My kid is still puking Easter egg colors everywhere . . . that counts for something, right?

Don Mills Diva said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter - I'll check back for pictures!