Monday, March 10, 2008

Teaching a short timer dog new tricks?

I don't know why but since I put in my notice I have been more stressed at my job than I ever have been previously. You would think it would be just wrapping up loose ends and training the new person. It seems as though my boss is trying to get every last possible bit of extra work out of me as possible. Plus pinging me on things that she wants me to start doing. I don't really get the point of adding duties someone who has 6 weeks left. Why not wait and make that part of the transition for the new person? Plus I feel she has been a lot more critical of my work and the way I do things recently.

Maybe I am just being overly sensitive but I have been really stressed out. I wanted to leave on a good note so I gave them 2 months notice. I am really wishing I had just given 2 weeks and been done with it. I just keep counting the days and I know I have so little time left I really shouldn't be complaining.


Candy said...

I'm sure it's about integrity, but really...what could be the harm in just saying, no. You're leaving anyway.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I'm with candy . . . just say "no!" Screw them!

Then again, I'm a rather nasty little woman, so I don't know that I'd take my own advice?!

Amanda said...

I think if it's getting really out of hand, you could just tell them your situation has changed (which it has -- they're overwhelming you), and you'll be leaving in two weeks. You have a back-up plan if things get nuts.

Denora said...

Perhaps your boss hasn't thought through having you start something new when you're leaving shortly. Maybe a gentle reminder that it might not be the most productive way of doin things will help her out. If she insists, and you can't take it anymore, give your two weeks notice, as Amanda said. You've got to look out for your own sanity first and foremost.

Erin said...

Take lots of deep, cleansing breaths and keep counting down the days. It'll be over soon. Believe it or not, once you're home full time for a while, you'll miss even these days at work. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry things are tough at work! It will be over soon!!

They're probably doing this to you BECAUSE they know you're leaving. ("what does it matter if we stress her out/piss her off/dump all over her...she's leaving anyway?") Don't let it get to you.

Just dream of sleeping in, snuggling with Bear as you watch the Today show and sip coffee in your pajamas. Time will fly!