Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 2

I had every intention of posting yesterday and waxing on about the joys of motherhood and staying home. But between being thrown up on, entertaining a 15 month old while waiting for the dog to get groomed (3 HOURS people, and I had an APPOINTMENT), a trip to the mall, laundry, cooking dinner etc, I hadn't had time. Oh and of course trying to enter the Bloggy Giveaways contests. It was a busy day. Bear is still not 100% better. Every day he starts out good and appears to be doing better but by the mid afternoon he has thrown up on me. I mean a direct hit right down the front of my shirt. Couldn't have done better if he aimed on purpose.

But it has been good. I got a lot done yesterday. This morning we got up and took Rocky to the vet for his annual checkup. Bear thinks having Rocky in the car is the funniest thing and laughs the whole time. It is so cute. I am waiting for the pest control guy to show up at 1 p.m. for the quarterly pest killing. Yippee.

Tomorrow I plan on taking it easy and hanging out with Bear in my jammies.


Stephanie said...

I hang with Punky and Chicken every day in my jammies. So much so that when I get my jeans out, Punky says, "where we going?" Sad but true. I consider it one of the joys of being a stay at home mom. We have to do the laundry, why get dressed?! ;oD Congrats on staying home. It's the biggest blessing I've ever been given.

Kristine said...

So sorry that Bear is sick for your first week of SAHM-hood. Landon's been nursing a cough for the last 2 1/2 weeks. It's so frustrating because the doctors don't even seem to think there's anything to be done about it.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear that Bear is still sick, but glad you are enjoying being home!

My 3 1/2 years as a SAHM were an amazing blessing and the best of my life. Enjoy every minute of it!!!!