Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Flying Solo

So my husband is still out of town. He thinks he may be back Thursday or Friday. Till then I am single parenting it. It hasn't been too bad yet. Bear has been exhausted the last 2 days when he got home so he went to bed early. I still didn't sleep well last night. No nightmares just lots of tossing and turning.

My fingernails are almost chewed to nubs and I don't even know why. That is usually my first signal that I am stressed. I subconsciously chew and I hate it. I have tried everything to quit but nothing has worked. If you ever meet me in real life you can tell how stressed I am by the length of my nails. It is a nasty habit but cathartic none the less.

I think I am just ready to be done at work. I know I am down to less than 2 weeks but it actually is stressing me out the closer it gets. I have a million things to finish up before I go but I can't work late because I have to get Bear from daycare or else pay the $1.00 per minute penalty. Not to mention stressing a wee bit about reducing our income in a less than ideal economy. There are so many things coming up that need to be paid for outside of our normal monthly bills like doctor co-pays for mine and Bear's upcoming doctor visits, contacts, Rocky's annual vet visit, home owners insurance for the year, birthday/mother's day gifts for family, gas for our Florida vacation (my parent's are paying for the condo and its our 1st vacation in 3 years), etc.

So now I am watching American Idol, which I am not that impressed with tonight. I wasn't blown away by anyone. Although I did like Jason Castro's version of Over the Rainbow. I am really ready for my shows to come back from this whole writer's strike thing. I'm just not that into reality tv and competitions. Oh well, less TV means more time for other things. Like digging 50 million weeds out of my yard.s


Law Student Hot Mama said...

You are WAAAY more conscientious than I am. Hell, when I'm about to leave a job, whatever gets done gets done, and whatever doesn't is officially NOT MY PROBLEM! I mean - it's not like you plan on going back to work there again . . . so hell, 2 weeks until victory!

Also, $1 per minute late?!? That's obscene. Even if it's something beyond your control like traffic? Hell, 15 minutes and $15!?! Disgusting.

And also I'm glad Bear hasn't been giving you a hard time. I kept Sumo Baby at home today because the kid we share a nanny with was sick today with another cold and I wasn't too motivated to have Sumo catch the cold and then barf as he always does when he catches the cold. I figure I can try to make things a little easier for myself, right? That's what single parenting is all about! Cutting corners! Heh.

Cee said...

Im totally in Office withdrawl right now... I am in love with little Dabid Archuleta, he is so adorable. I do feel guilty fantasiing over a pre-pubescent boy though...

Marmarbug said...

I am a nail biter too. Please tell me when you find the cure. I'd love pretty nails one day.